“I must have received more than 300 injections”

“I must have received more than 300 injections”
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Sharon Stone confides in her addiction to Botox: “I had to receive more than 300 injections” REUTERS / Piroschka Van De Wouw

Sharon Stone no longer wants to make any taboo around surgery or aesthetic medicine. In a recent interview with Vogue Arabia, the 64-year-old star returned to her own relationship with the subject, delivering unexpected secrets about one of her relationships with a young man.

Sharon Stonethis is an impressive list of cult moviesunforgettable red carpets but also fierce fights for different causes. Yes, at 64, the actress continues to dazzle through her engagements. For several years now, she has chosen to break the taboos around the injunctions that still weigh too much on the shoulders of women, who are more famous. And speaking of his own experience…

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Sharon Stone ex-Botox addict

A few days ago, Sharon Stone spoke at length in the pages of Vogue Arabia. The opportunity to review the procedures for cosmetic surgery to which she lent herself for many years, eager to display the same physique as at the start of his career. And in this small business, the star of “Basic Instinct” lost ground somewhat. “There were periods when I was really very famous when I did Botox, fillers and all the rest” she let go. But it was in 2001 that things slip a little more. Then aged 43, Sharon Stone suffers a severe stroke which does not leave her unscathed. So, in an attempt to regain her appearance, she got bogged down a little more in aesthetic medicine: “I had this major stroke, and a brain hemorrhage for nine days. I had to receive more than 300 injections ( of Botox, editor’s note) to regain volume on one side of my face.”

In the columns of Vogue Arabia, Sharon Stone explains that she has long considered aesthetic medicine as a “harmless luxury”. Then it became “some kind of massive, painful neurological need.” This is how she chose to stop using it for aesthetic purposes. And this, regardless of the grotesque injunctions and pressures she faced. Like a short time ago. Indeed, the star revealed that she was recently in a relationship with a man younger than her. The latter did not hesitate to drop her without tweezers. The reason ? Sharon Stone’s refusal to have Botox injections. Faced with the insistent demands of her young partner, the actress says she replied: “It would probably be very rewarding for your ego and for mine if I did.” After this tense discussion, the two met again. But the young man no longer seemed excited: “He was no longer interested in seeing me again” recalls Sharon Stone, before warning the others: “If you don’t want to go out with me because of this, please find your way to the exit.”

A traumatic cosmetic surgery operation

This isn’t the first time Sharon Stone has opened up about her experience with cosmetic medicine and surgery. Especially in the period following his stroke in 2001. Following this terrible event, the star had to be operated on to remove the benign tumors that were in his chest. Unfortunately, the intervention took a staggering turn. Upon awakening, Sharon Stone had discovered with horror that her surgeon had, in passing and without even asking her opinion, increased breast size. “When the bandages were removed, I discovered that I had breasts of a larger cup size. He had changed my body without my knowledge and without my consent”, she told in 2021 in Time , still greatly affected by this manifest violation.

For his part, the surgeon in question did not seem to understand the problem, and had even defended himself with confidence, assuring that this new chest “would now be more in line with the size of his hips” and that Sharon Stone would even be “prettier with bigger, prettier breasts.” Mind-boggling. Unfortunately, this situation, which dates back to 2001, is the symbol – among many others – of the violations of consent that many women have often faced, through different forms and situations…

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