“I am not on this earth for nothing”

L’ex-rappeuse Mélanie Diam’s se dévoile dans «Sept à huit»: «Je ne suis pas sur cette terre pour rien»

A few days before the release on cinema screens of the documentary Hellothe former singer who became a mother and Muslim explained her life choices on TF1.

Ten years already Diam’s left the music scene to find an almost anonymous existence in the shadows of the spotlight. While the documentary Hello written and produced with Houda Benyamina and Anne Cissé will be released on cinema screens (in a few theaters only in France on July 1 and 2), the ex-star rapper confided in Audrey Crespo-Mara this Sunday on the show “Seven to Eight” on TF1. The opportunity for Mélanie Georgiades – her real name – to testify about her new life in order to restore her truths.

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“I have a life of a mom”she explained, when discussing her daily life, specifying: “Any mum will tell you it fills a day. Today, this family is a bit like a dream, even if I know that we can build without it”. A way of admitting that his life before, microphone in hand, he does not miss: “Two hours of concert over a day, it was two hours where I forgot my problems. But there are twenty-two hours to live next door. These twenty-two hours are unbearable”.

Today, the one who had several stays in a psychiatric hospital before finding inner peace thanks to religion, recounts with bright eyes: “To be a believer, all of a sudden, is to realize the value of this life. I am not on this earth for nothing. I have lots of beautiful things to accomplish, to do. Do good already. For me, doing only good is perhaps the greatest challenge of my life.”

“I am not just a veiled woman, I am a woman, like all women”

About her conversion to Islam and her choice to wear the veil, Mélanie Diam’s disputes the interpretation that photos of her leaving a mosque and appearing in magazines may have suggested: “What was hard is that I was accused of showing myself like that, of advocating that. Let things be clear, I just went to meditate in a place of worship.. And to add: “When we talk about a Muslim, we don’t just talk about the veil. And besides, I am not just a veil. I’m a woman. I am not just a veiled woman, I am a woman, like all women”.

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On September 30, 2012, it was in front of the cameras of TF1 magazine that Diam’s appeared veiled for the first time. That day, she revealed to Thierry Demaizière her intention to put an end to her career as an artist. Less than three years later, on May 24 precisely, it is again to the journalist that the interpreter of The Dumpling had trusted to discuss the release of his second book Mélanie, French and Muslim. At the end of May, while the documentary Helloan intimate portrait that traces her years of triumph, her psychological problems or her conversion to Islam, was presented in preview at the Cannes Film Festival, the ex-rapper had not made the trip to the Croisette. “I know you didn’t see contempt or disdain there because I’ve always liked meeting people, that’s not really the point. But it’s really out of concern perhaps to preserve this cocoon, this simple life that I finally have today.she justified herself in a video a few minutes before the screening.

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