Hybrid engine, E85, touchscreen, release date… What we know and what we expect from the future Dacia Duster


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A third generation of the Dacia Duster is in the cards. Confirmed by Dacia to our journalist Quentin Cazergues, the information confirms the arrival of a new Duster to replace the second generation of the Romanian SUV. The new Dacia Duster will thus be released in 2024 on the French market, to take over from its predecessor.

If no image of this future Duster has filtered at the time of writing these lines, we already know things about the appearance of the SUV. The third generation Duster body will be based on a new material called Starkle. Composed of 20% recycled plastic, it does not require painting. The body of the Duster should therefore be bare, and this would be a first on the automotive market. The design could be inspired by the Dacia Bigster concept car.

Will he finally go hybrid?

Illustration photo - Dacia Duster

Illustrative photoCredit Photo – Autonews

There is what we already know, and what we would also like to see on this new Dacia Duster. The arrival of a hybrid engine under the hood would be particularly welcome, for example with an E-Tech or Mild Hybrid block from Renault. It would also be interesting to see the arrival of the rechargeable hybrid, since Renault already offers it on the Captur for example. According to our Auto-Moto colleagues, expect a classic hybrid, with a 1.8 E-Tech, since this new Duster should be based on the CMF-B platform.

No E85 on the menu for the Duster

Illustration photo - Dacia Duster

Illustrative photoCredit Photo – Vanackere

Dacia does not say if the LPG engine will be renewed on the future Duster. One thing is certain, an engine compatible with bioethanol-E85 is not on the program. We would however have liked to see a block of this type land on the Duster, in order to lower the price of the tank, but Dacia told our reporter Quentin Cazergues that this will not happen. The manufacturer considers that the attraction for Superethanol-E85 is a French specificity, so it does not have enough interest for him to offer such an engine on a European scale.

It’s time to replace the infotainment system

Illustration photo - Dacia Duster

Illustrative photoCredit Photo – Autonews

In terms of complaints, we would also like this new Duster to be more pleasant to live with for tall people. In particular on the rear seats, a bit narrow on the second generation. Still on board, the arrival of Renault’s OpenR Link multimedia system would be a good thing to replace the screen of the current model, which is outdated. Hoping to benefit from a better resolution, more fluidity, or even the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly. One thing is certain, this new Duster will inherit the YouClip fasteners seen on the Manifesto concept car. These allow you to hang various accessories as needed.

A new look for concessions

Illustration photo - Dacia Duster

An overview of future Dacia dealershipsPhoto credit – Dacia

Time will tell if our desires will be listened to. Dacia will in any case take advantage of the release of the new Duster in 2024 to transform all its dealerships and apply the brand’s new visual identity to them. We know in particular that the manufacturer wants to get rid of its low cost brand image, preferring to highlight its value for money.

And certainly a sustainable aspect, since the new concessions will have benches made of fabric made from recycled bottles, installed on a wooden structure whose legs are made from recycled tires. As for the sellers, they will no longer be installed facing the customers but will position themselves alongside them, so as to watch a single screen together. A tablet will allow potential buyers to view the vehicles in augmented reality, or even to personalize them virtually.

What price for the future Dacia Duster?

Illustration photo - Dacia Duster

Illustrative photoCredit Photo – Autonews

Even if Dacia no longer wants to be considered a low-cost brand, the price of this future Dacia Duster should logically remain accessible to smaller purses. We must of course expect an increase, new model obliges. But it’s hard to imagine this Duster going over the €20,000 mark at entry level. The call price should remain contained between €15,000 and €20,000.

3 questions about the future 3rd generation Dacia Duster

Illustration photo - Dacia Duster

Illustrative photoCredit Photo – Autonews

Hybrid, electric, E85… Which engine for the future Dacia Duster?

Probably based on the CMF-B platform of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, the new Dacia Duster could very clearly switch to hybrid in 2024. An E-Tech 1.8 engine is therefore expected. Questioned by Autonews, Dacia ensures in any case that a motorization compatible with bioethanol-E85 is not planned on the future Duster. The manufacturer considers this fuel too Franco-French, so it would not be relevant for him to offer an engine compatible with E85 on the other markets where the Duster is marketed. As for the arrival of an electric motor, no information goes in this direction at the time of writing these lines.

At what price ?

It is still far too early for Dacia to announce the official price of the new Duster. But we can imagine that the SUV’s call price will be between €15,000 and €20,000. Even if Dacia wants to get rid of its image as a low-cost manufacturer, the Duster should remain a rather accessible family vehicle.

What release date?

Having become a best-seller within the Dacia range, the Duster will stack up well for a third generation. The release of this new Dacia Duster is scheduled for 2024 in France, as the manufacturer has confirmed to us.

In short

It is confirmed by Dacia, the next Duster arrives in 2024. The third generation of the family SUV will adopt a Starkle bodywork, a material composed of 20% recycled plastic which does not need to be painted. Little information is available on this new Duster, but one thing is certain, Dacia does not plan to offer it with an E85 compatible engine.

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