how the production protects the mental health of candidates

how the production protects the mental health of candidates
Love is in the meadow: what psychological support for candidates?

“Love is in the meadow, it’s anti-reality TV”: how production protects the mental health of candidates

This Monday, September 5, 2022, M6 is broadcasting a new episode of “Love is in the meadow”. This year again, the emotion is at the rendezvous. And so that each farmer can live this experience without the least problems, the production of the program has long implemented many means, including psychological support. It must be said that some have experienced heavy repercussions after being on TV…

We know it: it is not always easy to find your better half. This is why, for many years now, farmers from all over France have been trying to find their soul mate in “Love is in the meadow”. The dating show presented by Karine Le Marchand and broadcast on M6 is at the origin of several beautiful love stories, which have given rise to marriages and even often at the birth of children. A real fairy tale for those who come out with honors. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Going on television and thus putting your love life in the public square is in no way trivial. Especially when you are used to the calm of a country life. This is why the production of M6 lets nothing pass to preserve the mental health of the candidates.

Video. Love is in the meadow: this ex-suitor who shouts at the “scheming” and attacks Karine Le Marchand

An important psychological follow-up

In 2019, a few days before the launch of season 14 of “Love is in the meadow”, Karine Le Marchand explained that the mail delivery had not taken place as in previous years: “There is no had a lot of letters this year, we were very vigilant in the selection” she said during the press conference. This is one of the first precautions of production: vigilance as to the profiles of suitors and suitors. This 14th season broadcast in 2019 was also marked by more psychological support. “This year for the first time, some farmers had recourse to our psychologist before the mail was delivered. Usually it starts after, but many of them wanted to be accompanied so as not to choose the wrong person. They were aware that ‘they were writing a white paper and they needed support,’ explained Karine Le Marchand.

Already in 2014, in an interview with Télé Loisirs, the host mentioned the difficulties that the candidates of “Love is in the meadow” could encounter during and after the broadcast of the program. “The farmers who are on the show are people who consider the show a bit like their last resort to find love (…) But it’s true that they are not ready for the consequences of Notoriety.” To try to support the candidates as well as possible, the production has thus provided them with a psychologist, but also a “nanny”, namely a person responsible for taking their news regularly. Because if beautiful love stories have emerged on M6other sadder stories have unfortunately played out under the eyes of the cameras…

The Annick and Thierry affair traumatized the production of “Love is in the meadow”

This year, fans of the show can find a very familiar face: Terry. In 2015, the winegrower had already participated in the show, in the hope of finding the woman of his life. And on that account, the man had some requirements, hoping to meet a beautiful blonde with light eyes, if possible. So when Annick, a former model, came to him, love at first sight was immediate. But already at the time, the viewers had been dubious about the sincerity of this bubbly and, to say the least, very confident contender. Unfortunately, time quickly proved them right. We will long remember the tears of Thierry, alone at home after being abruptly left by Annick in a hardly believable reversal of the situation. The beginning of a heartache that plunged the farmer into a deep depression.

“It was love at first sight, the top of the pyramid. I still tell myself that I could never have better than her, that does not exist (…) When she left, I gave her my heart. It was hard! And I was not pretending. I stayed alone on the bed crying for more than three hours”, he confided in 2015 during the assessment of this tenth season. A situation that alerted the entire production of the show, starting with Karine Le Marchand, very close to the farmers she meets: “Thierry, we have him on the phone every week. He dined almost every Saturday at the producer and we had to pick him up. For months, he was in the fourth basement and we were very afraid for himself. It was very far, “she confided to the microphone of Europe 1.

Video. “Love is in the meadow” 2020: Mathieu and Alexandre confide in the violence of the death threats they received

But this year, it is full of hope that Thierry returns to our screens in. And this time there is no question of replaying the same catastrophic scenario as in 2015. Karine Le Marchand readily admits it: “There was guilt” after this painful episode. But Annick’s case served as case law. Since then, the show’s teams have been particularly attentive to the profiles of suitors and contenders. “Today, it would not happen again, assures Karine Le Marchand in the columns of Télécâble Sat. We would take the girl (Annick, editor’s note) out of the program before the end. She was so hated because she had made fun Thierry and she just wanted to be on TV that it served as a lesson. Since then, we haven’t had this type of person on the show. No girl has made a career or became a star thanks to L love is in the meadow and that’s good. This show is anti-reality TV.”

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