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How does the soap opera Plus belle la vie end on November 18, 2022? What end for all the characters of the mistral, some of whom have been present since the beginning of the adventure? A difficult farewell for viewers. We tell you. Feel free to share which ending do you feel like living for the ending of PBLV.


Lea and Boher happy: we believe in their story.

The stop of Plus belle la vie is recorded on November 18, 2022 with a 26-minute episode followed by a final PBLV bonus to close 18 years on the air on France 3.

For the moment it is a definitive stop but we can keep hope that the series will be resurrected on another channel or a platform like Amazon or Netflix. A spin off can also give a rebound to More beautiful life. We all cross our fingers that this is not a farewell but only a goodbye to our Plus belle la vie series that has enchanted us for so many years. In the “sadness” section, you can find over time the deceased actors of Plus belle la vie with in particular Pascale Roberts, Colette Renard…

While waiting for the end… let’s dream a little of the ideal end that we would like for Plus belle la vie

emma more beautiful life

Baptiste and Emma stronger than anything they’ve been through…

Roland and Mirta get back together and decide to travel to enjoy their retirement. Romain Vidal finds Fanny with whom he makes perfect love. Luna has to make a new choice between Bastien and Guillaume…and decides to leave with Guillaume, her lifelong love. Bastien guards the Zephyr.

Emma and Baptiste are happy: Mathis is growing up with the presence of his grandparents Gabriel and Thomas. Together, they decided to go green by buying a large house where everyone has their independence. Kylian and Lola who are part of the family joined them.
Céline finds her love Vincent Chaumette to the great damn of Jeanne. Barbara and Abdel, who have turned around a lot in recent months, end up realizing that they are still in love with each other.

Estelle, after hesitating to fall for Djawad, ends up preferring a relationship of friendship. To get back on the right track, he will work with Francesco at the food truck. Revel has seen Elsa again…Karim accepts that Elsa is happy with a man other than him. Leo could have put his couple at risk with Agathe, but his beautiful relationship built with Claire is more solid. Eric and Simon live happily on the farm, they have decided to have a child and start surrogacy.

Ariane musters up her courage following Eric’s insistence, she calls Mathieu Lombard back…and they get together. Ariane asks for a transfer to go to Cannes by her side. Léa and Boher are happy together, just like the Nebout Family. Valentin asks Laetitia to follow her on her travels, to be his assistant…but she refuses to stay at the mistral and take her CAPES. Teaching is his passion. Laetitia and Claude Rochat get closer. => What happens to the actors after the end of Plus belle la vie? Where to find them after the end of the series…
And you tell us what you would like for your characters in order to complete Plus belle la vie?

The guide to the end of Plus belle la vie: How does it end for the characters?

Update to follow as the episodes progress between mid-September and November 18, 2022

What end for Mirta and Roland?

Mirta and Roland

Roland and Mirta when they were in love

Mirta is played by Sylvie Flepp. Roland Marci is played by Michel Cordes.

Mirta had surgery for her breast cancer. She ended her relationship with Father Luc.

Roland who had moved away from the mistral after his argument with François and Thomas. Roland has a special relationship with Kylian.

What end for Romain Vidal?

Romain Vidal is played by Simon Ehrlacher.

Romain PBLV

Romain Vidal the mistral love doctor

Romain Vidal is unlucky in love, after his ex-Séverine, he had a more than toxic relationship with Vanessa the psychotic arsonist.

What end for Luna and Bastien?

Luna is interpreted by Anne Decis and Bastien by Nicolas Berger Vachon.

Luna plus belle la vie

Bastien and Luna a love story that lasts

What end for Emma and Baptiste?

Emma is played by Pauline Bression and Baptiste by Bryan Trésor.

emma more beautiful life

Emma and Baptiste a beautiful eventful love story

After their separation due to Camille and Justine, Emma and Baptiste met again, to the delight of their child Mathis.

What end for Céline Frémont?

Celine is played by Rebecca Hampton.
Céline has returned to the mistral for the past few months as a lawyer for Agathe, Leo’s ex…but she found herself the victim of Livia, the serial killer.

Celine PBLV

Céline Fremont a very complicated life at the Mistral

What end for Thomas and Gabriel?

Thomas is played by Laurent Kérusoré and Gabriel Riva by actor Joakim Latzko.


Gabriel and Thomas a solid couple

Thomas and Gabriel took Lola and Kylian on their wings after their mother Sophie left.

What end for Abdel Fedala and Karim Fedala?

Abdel Fedala is played by Marwan Berreni and Karim Fedala his father by Rachid Hafassa.

Karim more beautiful life

Abdel and his father Karim in More beautiful life

What end for Barbara?

Barbara is played by Léa François, she is at the head of Marci with Thomas.

Barbara PBLV

Will Barbara end up solo?

What end for Leo and Claire?

Léo Castelli is played by Pierre Martot and CLaire is interpreted by Annie Grégorio

Leo more beautiful life

Léo and Claire have found each other and never leave each other

What end for Djawad, Estelle and Francesco?

Djawad is played by David Baiot. Estelle is interpreted by Elodie Varlet and Francesco by Emanuele Giorgi.

Djawad PBLV

Djawad and Estelle an eventful relationship

Francesco PBLV

Francesco and Estelle the lovers

What end for the “police” characters of Plus belle la vie: Revel, Boher, Kevin, Ariane and Nebout?

Revel is played by Grégory Questel, Boher by Stéphane Henon, Kevin Belesta by Theo Bertrand, Ariane by Lola Marois and Nebout by Jérôme Bertin.

Boher more beautiful life

Boher is captain now

Revel PBLV

Reveal Johanna’s ex with Patrick Nebout

Ariane PBLV

Ariane and Kevin teaming up at the police station

What end for Eric and Simon?

Régis Maynard is the interpreter of Eric. Simon is played by Simon Ehrlacher.

eric more beautiful life

Eric can rest on Simon’s shoulder

Eric and Simon are a strong love. He quit the police to be on the farm with Simon. Once Simon woke up from the coma, Eric did not hesitate to sell his apartment to pay for a medical room for Simon on the farm.

What end for Babeth, Léa, Emilie and Yolande?

Marie Hennerez plays Léa, Élisabeth Commelin plays Yolande, Marie Réache plays Babeth and Laurie Bordesoules plays Emilie.

Babeth PBLV

Babeth, Léa and Emilie reunited

Yolande PBLV

Yolande Mirta’s great friend since Jocelyn left

What end for Guillaume Leserman?

Guillaume, the former mistral doctor, is played by Virgile Bayle.

Guillaume PBLV

Guillaume the doctor who marked Luna’s heart

What end for Rudy and Ninon?

Rudy is played by Ambroise Michel, he is Luna’s son. Ninon is played by Aurélie Vaneck, she is Vincent’s daughter.


Ninon with his father Vincent Chaumette

What end for Jeanne and Vincent Chaumette?

Jeanne is played by Stéphanie Pareja. Vincent is interpreted by Serge Dupire.

Jeanne more beautiful life

Can Jeanne and Vincent get back together?

What end for Blanche and Johanna Marci?

Blanche is played by Cécilia Hornus and Johanna by Dounia Coesens.

Blanche and Johanna PBLV

Blanche and Johanna at the mistral

What end for Franck and Noé?

Franck Ruiz is played by Jean-Charles Chagachbanian and Noé by Florian Lesieur.

Noah more beautiful life

Noé and Franck a nice father-son relationship

What end for Nathan and Sabrina?

Nathan is played by Thibaud Vaneck and Sabrina by Eleonore Sarrazin.

Sabrina PBLV

Nathan and Sabrina have been looking for each other for a long time but finally they are happy

What end for Claude Rochat, Valentin and Laetitia Belesta?

Rochat the headmaster is played by Charles Schneider. Valentin is played by David Ban and Laetitia by actress Caroline Riou.

Rochat more beautiful life

Claude Rochat a touching headmaster

Valentine PBLV

Valentin and Laetitia stop or again?

What end for Kylian and Lola?

Tim Rousseau plays Kylian and Lola plays Marie Mallia.

Kylian more beautiful life

Kylian and Lola the endearing siblings

What end for the teenagers of the mistral?

Bastien’s children: Sunalee, Pablo and Akira who are played respectively by Alixe Guidoni, Marius Blivet and Éloïse Bernazzi.

Pablo PBLV

Pablo, Sunalee and Akira with Bastien their father at the Zéphyr

Nisma Bailly Abdel’s niece is played by Ella Philippe and Betty is played by Horya Benabet

Nisma PBLV

Abdel manages custody of Nisma (and Bilal)

Betty more beautiful life

Noé and Betty the unexpected couple

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