House of the Dragon: a battle that will change everything? What to remember from episode 3

House of the Dragon: a battle that will change everything?  What to remember from episode 3

news culture House of the Dragon: a battle that will change everything? What to remember from episode 3

House of the Dragon episode 3 is out. If it received a rather mixed reception, it is no less important for understanding the big changes to come to the Targaryens. What’s more, he finally gave us an epic battle that could have serious consequences for the sequel to the Game of Thrones spin-off series.

Spoiler alert

The following paper spoils the events of the first three episodes ofHouse of the Dragon. If you want to keep the surprise, we advise you to watch them before diving into this reading. In addition, we will discuss upcoming events in future episodes of the series. If you want to know as little as possible, be careful when reading.

A battle worthy of Game of Thrones?

The HBO series is remembered in particular thanks to its political games .. and its epic battles. If his spin-off has already begun to lay the foundations of the first, he had not yet tried the seconds. With episode 3, it’s now done. As it had been teased to us, the Battle of the Stone Steps between the armies of Daemon and Corlys and those of the mysterious Crab Feeder has indeed taken place. And the least we can say is that it brought back good memories.

Spectators greeted her with enthusiasm. It must be said that apart from the lack of a real duel at the top, it had everything to please: blood, despair, deceit, dragons and fresh guts to feed the crabs. We were able to find the raw aesthetics of the fights of Game Of Thrones and that only bodes well for those to come during the bloody Dance of the Dragons . Admittedly, this battle may, at first sight, seem without real importance in the war of succession which is preparing. A parallel plot allowing the series to show that it also has its place on the battlefield, nothing more? However, it is quite the opposite. With this event, knowing who will access the Iron Throne has never been so difficult, we explain why.

Daemon Targaryen places his pawns

House of the Dragon: a battle that will change everything?  What to remember from episode 3

Ever since the series began, Daemon Targaryen has been eyeing the Iron Throne. So much so that it earned him expulsion from Fort-Aegon. But, you guessed it, you don’t tame a fiery dragon like Daemon simply by sending it to graze elsewhere. If joining Dragonstone with his new companion on the back of Caraxes, and with the egg intended for the deceased Baelon under his arm, was already an act of assumed treason, it is hard to see Daemon stopping there. Especially since his brother’s behavior during episode 3 only increased his anger. “Why ?” some may ask. It is true that Viserys sent troops to help his brother. But if you’ve been a little attentive, you’ll have noticed that this is not really to Daemon’s taste.

The Targaryen is so angry that he forcefully beats the messenger who came to bring him the news. And his reaction is easily understood. Daemon has great pride and a misplaced ego. The idea that Viserys passes for the savior come to repair the failures of his brother in the fight, very little for him. Especially since this royal rescue would take away all the honors and the possibility of obtaining a form of recognition (and legitimacy in accession to the throne). That’s why he decides to go into battle to prove his worth even before the arrival of his brother’s troops and, against all odds, he succeeded. We suspect that this victory will allow him to obtain some advantages for the rest of the events.

House of the Dragon: a battle that will change everything?  What to remember from episode 3

Another important point to mention: this episode seals an alliance that we saw taking shape at the end of episode 2, namely that between Daemon and Corlys (and all his family). And the least we can say is that this alliance seems to be tough too. Despite the doubts expressed by Vaemond Velaryon and the feeling of defeat that has endured for two years of battles, Corlys and especially her son, Laenor, continue to support Daemon. The young heir to the name Velaryon also took advantage of the final battle to shine in combat on the dragon Seasmoke.

Still, it would still be ill-advised to take Corlys’ support for granted. In this medieval universe, the order of things can very quickly be reversed. Because if the refusal of Viserys to marry the daughter of Corlys had pushed the representative of the house Velaryon to turn to Daemon, it is also a story of marriage that could well make him change his mind. And this time it’s about Rhaenyra.

House of the Dragon: a battle that will change everything?  What to remember from episode 3

The beginning of the end for Rhaenyra Targaryen?

In Game Of Thrones, the most memorable deaths are not those on the battlefield, but those made with a knife stuck in the back. If only Aemma has been the victim so far, we suspect that many betrayals are going on in the darkness of Fort-Aegon. And these have only one and unique goal: ensure the iron throne to their mastermind. As we explained to you last week, Otto Hightower is particularly eyeing the royal seat, hoping to see his name affixed to it. And with the birth of Aegon II, son of Viserys and his daughter Allicent Hightower, he’s well on his way to getting there. Except that Viserys persists and signs (despite the doubts): the arrival of a male heir does not change anything, Rhaenyra remains his successor…

House of the Dragon: a battle that will change everything?  What to remember from episode 3

But for the lords of Westeros, the rules have already changed. Many see young Aegon, just two years old, on the throne. To strengthen her position, the princess seems to have no choice but to respond to tradition by taking a husband. (central subject in this episode). Of all the possible suitors, one seems more relevant than the others: Laenor Velaryon. Taking this side would have two advantages. This would first ensure a pure bloodline, resulting from the union of two Valyrian families (and two Targaryen children to boot). Second, it would undo the harm done to the Velaryon family, so they might reconsider supporting Daemon.

Suffice to say that the succession is far from assured for Rhaenyra. And in view of the teaser for episode 4, it is in the shadows that the next twists will take shape. As much to say to you that it will be necessary to be attentive to the details and that already started. Be aware that one of the characters introduced in episode 3 should play an important role in the schemes to come, thanks in particular to his listening skills, from grand declarations to the smallest whispers…

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