Hisense BSA66334PG built-in oven test: it may heat up for the competition

Hisense BSA66334PG built-in oven test: it may heat up for the competition
Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5

Convenience of use

The Hisense BSA66334PG built-in oven is not going to revolutionize its sector, aesthetically speaking in any case. As always, a large drop-down glass door is overlooked by the control panel running over almost the entire width of the upper facade. This essentially consists of a large central wheel, equipped with a button in the center, and a row of sensitive keys, placed just below. Of course, an electronic display with segments (similar to those of alarm clocks) helps chefs to configure their cooking by specifying, in particular, the desired temperature and duration of the operation. The rest of the information, such as the different heating elements used during cooking, the presence (or not) of rapid preheating or steam functions is indicated by icons which light up or go out depending on the settings.

Hisense BSA66334PG

The Hisense BSA66334PG open and closed oven.

Manual use of the Hisense BSA66334PG does not pose any real difficulty and begins as soon as the oven is powered up. We start by choosing the parameter to modify by playing with the wheel. By default, this is the cooking mode; by turning the rotary button, the selection is made before confirming the choice by pressing the center of the dial. We then move on to adjusting the temperature, from 5°C to 5°C. Good point, the electronic settings allow greater precision than a simple mechanical wheel. Pressing the central button of the rotary knob confirms the choice of temperature and switches to the setting of the cooking duration and the start time, if necessary. We finish with the activation of a rapid preheating. Note that, in the event of an error, it is entirely possible to choose the parameter to be modified after having finished programming.

You have to press the “automatic mode” button for a few seconds to start the cooking assistant. You can then scroll through the code of the different preparations available. Indeed, the limited technology of the screen (a simple display with segments) necessarily handicaps the use of the cooking assistant; it is unable to display the name of the recipes in full. It is therefore necessary to fall back on an alphanumeric system before referring to the index present in the paper leaflet, unless you have a very good memory to know that P20, for example, corresponds to the soufflé with vegetables.

Hisense BSA66334PG

It will take a little getting used to to fully master the control panel.

Note that Hisense gives access to four cooking programs in direct access: this time all you have to do is touch the “automatic mode” button and turn the dial to choose the right mode (pizza, defrost, slow cook and air fry).

Finally, in all cases, all that remains is to start cooking by pressing the start button, to the very right of the row of sensitive keys. Unlike some ovens that start cooking automatically, the Hisense BSA66334PG saves the user from rushing to set up a cooking program, a real convenience.

Hisense BSA66334PG

The Hisense BSA66334PG oven tank fill port.

As we have already pointed out, the Hisense BSA66334PG has a real vapor injection system in the cavity, fed by a tank, quite small by the way (0.13 liters only). The latter opens thanks to a push-pull system (placed to the right of the controls) which frees access to the filling hole, large enough not to complicate the operation. Just push the nozzle back when the tank is full. You can then activate the steam functions using the button located just to the right of the dial to preserve the tenderness of meat cooked in the oven, to improve the rise of dough pieces, or to facilitate the formation of a crispy crust on bakery preparations .

Hisense BSA66334PG

Two pairs of rails or nothing!

The XXL cavity of the BSA66334PG reaches 77 liters, which is more than enough to put poultry in the oven, even of very good size. One of the five loading levels can be fitted with two pairs of telescopic rails, a useful accessory for handling heavy or bulky dishes without danger. And what does not spoil anything, these are removable and can be placed according to the desires or needs of the user; which is not always the case with competitors.

Two pairs of rails or nothing!

Two pairs of rails or nothing!

” align=”center” copyright=”” watermark=”yes” exif=”no”]There is even a temperature probe.[/media]

Finally, Hisense is very generous in accessories since the oven comes with a perforated dish for steam and the Air Fry function, two drip pans (including a deep one), a grid and the cooking probe.

Editor's Rating: 5 out of 5

Modes and functions

The Hisense BSA66334PG has 12 cooking modes. Of course, the essential “natural convection” (the bottom and top resistances heat up) and “rotating heat” (or pulsed, the annular resistance at the bottom of the cavity and the fan work) are included. There is also a pizza mode (the sole resistance, the annular resistance as well as the fan are used to dry the dough bases for pizzas, of course, but also quiches or pies), an Air Fry function (using the top resistance, the ring resistance and the fan), fast cooking modes (the grill, the ring resistance and that of the sole function) and slow cooking (only the grill and the sole resistance heat up). The grill is used in many cooking modes: grill with convection heat, double grill, large ventilated grill, large grill and hearth, grill with ventilated hearth. And it’s not over since Hisense has provided a ventilated brewed heat mode (the fan works with the bottom and top resistances). The most demanding chefs should therefore be able to find a cooking method suited to their every wish.

The 22 automatic programs cover a wide spectrum of preparations, from lasagna to poultry (whole or in pieces) to chocolate soufflé or apple strüdel. With a little research, everyone should have their happiness.

Finally, there are four other direct access programs (frozen products, pizza, slow cooking and Air Fry) which can all be enhanced with steam injection to improve cooking results. Indeed, only three “classic” cooking modes among the twelve are compatible with steam (Air Fry, ventilated heat, large ventilated grill).

Editor's Rating: 5 out of 5


The Hisense BSA66334PG takes just over 9 minutes to heat from 2°C to 185°C in static heat mode. It is a little faster in pulsed heat mode since it only takes 7 min 50 s to achieve the same result. You can save time by switching on the rapid preheating of the pulsed heat mode. It will then be necessary to wait only 4 min 15 s to raise the temperature to 160°C.

In ventilated heat mode, the temperature curves show overcooking and undercooking phases, at very regular and very close intervals. In addition, the temperature differences remain very limited throughout the cooking process. Consequently, cooking, even delicate cooking, should not suffer from this phenomenon which is noticed at 200°C as well as at 250°C.

Hisense BSA66334PG

Temperature curves of the Hisense BSA66334PG oven in forced-air mode at 200°C.

In case of exceptional need for a perfectly stable temperature, it is always possible to use the static heat mode. As the curves show, the temperature is then particularly well maintained and hardly varies once it has stabilized at 200°C or 250°C.

Hisense BSA66334PG

Temperature curves of the Hisense BSA66334PG oven in static heat mode at 250°C.

The fan at the bottom of the cavity and the shape of the muffle fulfill their mission perfectly. Note that the eight curves (which represent the temperature recorded in eight different places in the cavity) are very close to each other, which means that the heat is almost the same everywhere in the oven. All the biscuits on a plate should therefore be browned in the same way, without those placed too far forward or too far back being undercooked. We notice these excellent results whatever the cooking method and temperature chosen.

Hisense BSA66334PG

The large fan contributes to the good homogeneity of the heat in the muffle.

Strong points

  • Selection of relevant cooking modes.

  • Very well equipped.

  • Excellent cooking performance.

Weak points

  • Power hungry.

  • Unsophisticated electronic display, not suitable for the cooking assistant.


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Editor's Rating: 5 out of 5

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Hisense hits hard with the BSA66334PG built-in oven. First and foremost, it demonstrates excellent cooking qualities, worthy of the big names in our comparison and it proves to be extremely versatile thanks to the many cooking modes with which it is equipped. But in addition, it has the luxury of being as well equipped as the top of the range built-in ovens. Of course, everything is not perfect and we can blame it for a cooking assistant that requires keeping the paper instructions nearby or poorly controlled power consumption, but it remains an excellent performance/price ratio.

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