Himars rocket launchers, shells by the thousands… What weapons can repel Russia and who supplies them to Ukraine?

Himars rocket launchers, shells by the thousands... What weapons can repel Russia and who supplies them to Ukraine?

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The summer allowed the Ukrainian army to carry out a counter-offensive against the Russians, made possible in part by the armed support of several countries, starting with the United States. A breakthrough that could prove decisive.

In recent days, the Ukrainian army has been pleased to follow a constant and irresistible progression in its conflict with Russia. This Monday, September 12, she thus mentioned new successes in its counter-offensive on the eastern front, but also an advance, although less spectacular, in the south.

In total, Ukraine claims to have taken around 3,000 km2, mainly around Kharkivin the North-East, since the beginning of September, when on June 2, President Volodymyr Zelensky had recognized that nearly 125,000 km2 were in Russian hands, of which 43,000 km2 (Crimea and entire sections of the Donbass basin) lost long before the February 24 invasion.

The Himars: the sinews of war

This progress in the war which is devastating the country, Ukraine owes in part to Western aid – military and financial. With in the front line, the delivery of Himars rocket launchers by the United States since last June. “We are sending Himars (…), and these systems have proven to be very, very effective against Russian forces”, recently welcomed the American Chief of Staff, Mark Milley. Capable of sending their projectiles, guided by GPS over a range of more than 80 km, these rocket launchers are making a real difference in the conflict, to the point of having reversed the balance of poweraccording to some experts.

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Fortunately, Ukraine can count on the support of many Western countries in the war it is waging against Vladimir Putin’s army. In addition to the famous Himars – 16 had been delivered at the end of August, 4 additional should be sent -, the military aids are consequent: systems of anti-aircraft defense Iris-T come from Germany; more than 800,000 shells supplied by the USA; Hellfire missiles via Norway…

USA far ahead

In mid-June, the United States, again, decided to supplement their aid with batteries of Nassam surface-to-air missiles, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, mobile radar systems or even patrol boats, in this which looks more and more like an arms war. For their part, the Russians have turned to North Korea to bail out their weapons and above all, ammunition.

According to the accounts kept by the “Kiel Institute” and updated on August 18, American aid, which had materialized from the start of the conflict by sending portable Javelin anti-tank missile launchers, is now approaching 45 billions of dollars, whether in the form of military, humanitarian or economic support.

In July Ukraine received around 1.5 bln € in new pledges of support – drastic decline compared to April or May. Most of new commitments came from Norway which pledged financial assistance of 1 bln €. Tracker now records total commitments of 84.2 bln €. https://t.co/FErduhsU0x pic.twitter.com/ah75Nu82nM

— Kiel Institute (IfW Kiel) (@kielinstitute) August 18, 2022

It is by far the country that has spent the most on behalf of the Ukrainian government. The European Union as such follows (about 16 billion dollars) then, “individually”, the United Kingdom (6.5 billion) and Germany (3.1 billion). France only comes in 8th position (1.15 billion), behind Canada, Norway and Poland. As a percentage of its economy, it is even much less. Aid from France represents 0.04% of its GDP, far behind countries such as Estonia (0.83%), Latvia (0.80%) or Poland (0.49%).

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