Here it all begins (spoilers): a historical figure bids farewell to the Institute

Here it all begins (spoilers): a historical figure bids farewell to the Institute

On September 16 in Here it all begins (TF1, 6:35 p.m.), Guillaume leaves the Institute, Rose puts pressure on Master’s students and Cardone is fired…

In the episode ofHere it all starts from Friday, September 16, 2022, back at the Institute, Guillaume (Bruno Putzulu) announces his resignation. Teyssier takes this for a whim, but Guillaume is sure of himself. Reassembled, he stands up to the director and tells him his four truths. Later, Kelly (Axelle Dodier) sees him in the park and goes to talk to him. Guillaume announces his resignation and apologizes to him. He knows that his behavior with Laëtitia (Florence Coste) has sometimes hurt her, and he blames himself for having done so. He also tells him that he wants to continue to hear from him. He has always thought that she was wonderful and confesses that he is convinced that one day she will be a great chef. Touched, Kelly thanks him and lets a tear flow. Guillaume then says goodbye to Clotilde. He tells her that he spent the best years of his life at the Institute, with her and Jeremy (Pierre Hurel). She was the woman of his life and he promises to always be there for her. In tears, Clotilde kisses him on the cheeks and bids him farewell…

In the kitchen, chef Cécile Meyer announces to Master’s students that she will lead the first module of their course. She will therefore stay with them for three weeks, in order to accompany them in the creation of their project. Each student will have to offer him a strong restaurant concept with an emblematic dish. The best project will be selected, and the students will have to develop it into an ephemeral restaurant in the park of the Institute. Anaïs (Julie Sassoust), Charlène (Pola Petrenko) and the others are very excited about the concept, but the delay scares them. Enzo (Aziz Diabaté), motivated, tries to boost the morale of the troops, in vain. For fear of making a fool of themselves in front of Chef Meyer and ruining their careers, Anaïs and Salomé (Aurélie Pons) go to see Rose (Vanessa Demouy) and ask her to cancel the module on the emblematic course. The latter points out to them that Chief Teyssier would never have yielded to such a request. Moreover, they are no longer students, but chefs. The module is therefore maintained.

Cardone is expelled from the Institute

Ethan (Rik Kleve) is worried. Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) has still not made a decision and he fears being fired from the Institute. Axel (Thomas DaCosta) tries to make him see the bright side of things: if he is fired, he will manage to turn around. After all, his mother will always be there to help him. At the same time, Teyssier and Myriel (Frédéric Diefenthal) agree to keep Ethan at the Institute. He will nevertheless have to submit to regular screening tests to ensure that he does not start using drugs again. Clotilde (Elsa Lunghini) does not find the punishment severe enough, especially since Ethan has physically injured a student, but Teyssier and Myriel ignore her opinion. Ethan is far from the first youngster to succumb to drugs to boost his performance. They prefer to offer him a healthy environment to build himself.

Later, Teyssier gathers the students in the amphitheater to announce his decision: Annabelle Cardone (Alexandra Vandernoot)who provided doping products to her son, is expelled from the Institute. Ethan, meanwhile, can stay. Tom (Tom Darmon) expresses his displeasure, but Chief Teyssier brushes aside his remarks. If he is not happy, he can follow the Chief Cardone and take the door. After the announcement, Teyssier finds Annabelle. He knows that Ethan supplied himself with his doping products alone, but he believes that she is responsible for what his son did. She pushed him over the edge, just like she had done with him when he was her second. Before leaving, Annabelle goes to see her son in the kitchen and makes a comment about his dish. Ethan stands up to him. He’s had enough of her wanting to control him. Because of her, he always feels he has to boost himself. Besides, he didn’t take amphetamines just for the competition. He’s been drinking it for years. Upset to learn this, Cardone promises to make efforts to put less pressure on him.

For his part, Axel is reconciled with Solal (Benjamin Douba). He then meets Samia (Emma Boulanouar), who asks him about Ethan. She blames herself for being hard on him and blames her mother for making her suffer what he suffered. When Annabelle Cardone passes by her, the young girl challenges her and reproaches her for her toxicity. Cardone points out to her that the kitchen is a difficult environment, but Samia stands up to her. She is convinced that there are better ways than hers. Later, Ethan learns that Samia spoke to his mother and goes to see her. Their game of seduction begins again, under the amused gaze of Billie (Margaux Kaguilar)…

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