Here are the new brands to discover this fall (or very soon) in Toulouse

Mc'Do, Maisons du Monde, Lidl...and many independent shops are coming to Toulouse this fall.
Mc’Do, Maisons du Monde, Lidl…and many independent shops are arriving in Toulouse this fall. (©David Saint-Sernin/Actu Toulouse)

They opened during the summer or will do so in the next few weeks… They… they are the new brands in Toulouse, that we can discover this fall or that we will soon be able to find in the Pink City. Here is a small staff review.

100% madeleines

This is a first in Toulouse, since August 17, a shop does honor to the madeleine rue des Filatiers, Carmes district.

The shop already offers five different flavors: plain, orange (“with real orange zest and not orange blossom!”, specify the two managers), chocolate, almond and lemon.

Since August 17, 2022, Monsieur Madeleine has opened in downtown Toulouse.
Since August 17, 2022, Monsieur Madeleine has opened in downtown Toulouse. (©Toulouse News/Anthony Assémat)

In the neighboring district of François-Verdier, the Naturalia brand opened its doors. The store has taken the place of the “Bioc’Bon” brand which closed a few months ago.

Baggio coffee resurrects

Thursday 1er September 2022 is the Cafe Baggio which will be revived on the rue de Bayard side (instead of Balthazar) with a wine bar and club concept reserved for over 30s.

At the end of April 2022, the institution had closed its doors on the boulevard du Maréchal Leclerc side to make way for a new address on Rosa Negra, allée de Barcelone.

The smash burger specialist

The Toulouse brand Kurty’s Burger continues its development in the Pink City. The restaurant specializing in the smash burger will open its doors at number 8 rue Saint-Rome.

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This Toulouse brand specializes in the “smash burger”, these famous sandwiches where the steak is not served thick, but crushed on a hot plancha, for a few seconds.

The restaurant has made its reputation with its famous wagyu burger, a Japanese beef whose meat is one of the most expensive (and tasty) in the world. True to the American spirit it wants to convey, the brand also offers wraps, hot dogs and donuts.

Maisons du Monde arrives

It’s not the sign you notice the least… At 27 rue d’Alsace-Lorraine, it’s Maisons du Monde preparing for its arrival. The work is in progress and the opening will take place in the coming weeks.

Maisons du Monde will land on rue d'Alsace-Lorraine.  Work is underway.
Maisons du Monde will land on rue d’Alsace-Lorraine. Work is underway. (©Thibault Calatayud/Actu Toulouse)

Carrefour City in Jean-Jaures

In the city center, other brands are preparing to open in the coming months. At the Jean-Jaurès metro station, the busiest in Toulouse, the Carrefour City brand will make its arrival.

The commercial cell had been closed since the departure of Monop’, at the beginning of 2022.

Mc’Do in Saint-Michel

On another strategic site in the Pink City, Place Lafourcade, a McDonald’s will open by the end of the year. Work is underway.

It is at this location, at the corner of Place Lafourcade, that the next McDonald's will open.
It is at this location, at the corner of Place Lafourcade, that the next McDonald’s will open. (©David Saint-Sernin/Actu Toulouse)

Lidl weaves its web

Outside the conurbation, it is Lidl which continues its policy of intensive establishment.

The German supermarket chain will open in Portet-sur-Garonne in October 2022, then a new 1,435 m² supermarket in Balma. The future store will be located next to the Truffaut, route de Lavaur.

Xiaomi is leaving

In the departures department, a year after his arrival, it is the store of the Chinese giant of smartphones and connected objects Xiaomi, located in the city center of Toulouse, which has lowered its metal curtains. This closure is permanent.

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