her husband hospitalized in emergency, “He could no longer walk”

her husband hospitalized in emergency, "He could no longer walk"

The Pellissard family just had a scary episode. Revealed in the TF1 show, Large families : life in XXL, the couple shares their daily life surrounded by their eight children. If they have become stars of the small screen, they are also very popular on the social networks. They want to keep in touch with the public and therefore share many photos on their Instagram account. The latter brings together a community of more than 300,000 people.

Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard share the good times with their family… but also their difficulties ! If they enjoy interacting with their audience, parents also bear the brunt of the celebrity. They often suffer reviews on their actions. Last controversy to date: the purchase of their new house with swimming pool. An acquisition that does not pass for Internet users. The latter still remember the secrets of the couple who said they were living allowances until the participation in the entertainment program of TF1.

Big fright for the Pellissard family

The merry tribe is therefore frequently the target of judgments and others hateful comments. For exemple, the operations of plastic surgery by Amandine Pellissard were not unanimous within her community. However, it takes more to make the mother react. She has already shown, on several occasions, that she doesn’t care what people say. The pretty blonde continues to share moments of life and ignores critics.

If Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard do not care about inappropriate comments, they also don’t have their tongue in their pocket. The 34-year-old mother is far from bowing to the other tribes in the program. She explained that she was not the type to pretend to like everybody. “When we work, we don’t just work with people we like. I have somewhat particular principles, I hate that you come and see me by interest and that we try to plagiarize a little what I do. », had informed Amandine Pelissard, a few months ago.

Very transparent on what they think of each other, Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard are just as much on certain episodes that mark their tribe. And an event that occurred on Saturday September 3 scared family. Victim of terrible pains in the belly, the father of the family had to go to emergency to the hospital. Back home, the next day, the spouses came to the news on Instagram.

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Pain that led Alexandre Pellissard to the emergency room

The father of the family confided in thetraumatic episode. He explains ” We were out shopping when I had severe pain in my lower abdomen. It really hurt me. I couldn’t even more to walk. It threw me. » Very worried, Amandine made the choice to shorten the races to get to thehospital. “In the taxi, it has empire. He could no longer walk. We stopped at the clinic. », Amanda explained.

The dad continued his testimony. “They examined me. Then I made a to scan and got the results. » The severe pain was due to a renal colic caused by a kidney stone. “It’s the first time I’ve had something like this. », he confided. ” He really scared me. When we had the results, we were still relieved. », confessed the mother. Fortunately for the family, everything is now much better!

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