Hellfest 2022. After 7 days of festival, what do the “finishers” think of this unprecedented double edition?

Hellfest 2022. After 7 days of festival, what do the "finishers" think of this unprecedented double edition?
Hellfest 2022
Damien, Lucas, Tanguy, Apolline and Jérémy found this exceptional double edition of Hellfest “long, tiring but above all great”. To mark the occasion, they all bought the new “Finisher” t-shirt created by the festival for those who survived these 7 days in hell. ©HSM

“We’re out of juice”, “It’s too hard”, “Physically, it’s really stiff! “On this Sunday, June 26, 2022, at 7e day of this historic double edition of Hellfestthe enduring festival-goers present at Clisson (Loire Atlantique) for 10 days accuse the blow. “And yet, we are not the most partygoers,” smile Danny and Cédric, from Loiret.

Big Hellfest marketing coup

But not one of the dozens of those we interviewed regretted having taken their pass for the two weekends.

“It was an experience to do at least once”, assure the two cousins, who early in the morning lined up again at the merch with hundreds of other enthusiasts to offer themselves the unique edition of a t-shirt created especially for the occasion by the Hellfest.

The organization has indeed made a big marketing hit by sending an alert at 9 a.m. to the application of festival-goers present at these two new editions to invite them to come and buy this “finisher” branded T-shirt.

“I moved my account to the land of denial”

Well, in reality, everyone on the site can buy it, whether they’ve been there for a day or seven. Everyone can also bring back as many as they want, which takes away some of the rareness that real “finishers” would have liked to be able to sport on their shoulders, but hey, they know they are one of them.

And too bad for the budget : “I moved my bank account to a country called denial”, laughs Gwenolé, who is in his 3e Hellfest. And he’s far from the only one sticking out his tongue. “This merch stand, we call it the dovecote”, adds his friend Anthony with humor.

Adapt to go the distance

Beyond this financial question that came back to many festival-goers, who noticed all the more “that everything has increased“, we had to adapt to go the distance: “We had to manage our effort, especially with the particular conditions that we experienced with a heat wave weekend and another partly in the rain”, notes Bruno, 8 Hellfest on the clock. “We spared ourselves more by sitting down more often, taking shelter and doing less Mainstage,” he lists.

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Everyone also took advantage of the three-day break between the two festivals to rest. Or at least to try to rest. “We had a few untimely barbecues,” jokes Lucas, who came as a neighbor from Saint-Hilaire-de-Clisson.

The festival-goers hope that it remains exceptional…

With his group of friends mainly from the North, they found that this year “was brilliant”. “Long and tiring too”. “But above all brilliant”, add Damien, Jérémy, Apolline and Tanguy. “We should still think about making massage parlors available for free if two editions like that happen again,” they laugh.

Besides, on this subject, who would be ready to do it again? “If the Hellfest redid a double edition next year, I will not do it,” says Christophe, from Cantal. “Let them do it again for 20 years, why not, but it must remain exceptional”, thinks Bruno. As for Lucas and his group of friends, everyone would like “a fourth day, but not two consecutive weekends like that”.

… Ben Barbaud ensures that it will be!

And that’s good because Ben Barbaud, co-founder and director of Hellfest, has just assured at a press conference that this double edition was purely exceptional: “There is no desire on our part to repeat this format. It was done there because after two blank years, several million euros were missing from the fund. But next year, we will be on a classic weekend, over three days, as before”.

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