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Jean-Luc Reichmann pistonné par Lola Dubini dans Danse avec les stars ?

An exclusive documentary about the host

As if to thank him for his good and loyal service, TF1 reserves a fine tribute to Jean-Luc Reichmann. The channel will broadcast, on July 2, a new documentary dedicated to him. In Jean-Luc Reichmann, an extraordinary destiny, fans will be able to discover the story of the favorite animator of the French. In this work, he does not hesitate to open up to viewers. He recounts his life, and in particular looks back on his childhood.

He mentions, for example, the harassment he suffers when he is at school, because of his wine stain on his face. This painful childhood, marked by criticism, he does not hesitate to approach it in certain interviews.

Growing up, however, he manages to forget his insults, or to use them as a motor for move forward in life. ” I overcame this trauma through humor and the love of my family. I think today that it’s our little differences that will make the difference, we have to do something positive about it“.

But the documentary will also be an opportunity for him to address another significant event in his life. Some of you may not know this, but he was in a terrible motorcycle accident nearly 40 years ago..

A serious motorcycle accident in 1984

Jean-Luc Reichmann is 24 years old. A fan of motorcycles, he does not hesitate to get on his racing car to travel the roads of France. But one day, he is violently hit by a man in a car. To save his life, doctors must chain surgeries. He remains in the hospital for a year.

It seems hard to believe as the host seems to be doing very well today. Even better, it doesn’t seem to bear any sequels. This is however not entirely accurate. In 2017, he has in particular revealed a visible scar on his left forearm. If he decides to show this scar, it is to raise awareness among the youngest. Life is not a video game: on the roads, we only have one life.

I’m going to do something, I had a motorcycle accident and I too was in a T-shirt. So I’m going to show you… It’s a little weird, I’ve never done it in my life… It’s to prove that you have to be careful, for the children… It’s my arm, I’ve never shown it in my life, but for the safety of the children, I show it. »

A fight for Jean-Luc Reichmann

In the columns of Here.fr, he returns to this terrible moment to live. But it is with pride that he announces that he has managed to get out of it. If we have to talk about a fight, then he considers having won his:

I experienced it as a fight, to fight and continue to hope. When my mother says that I never complained once, I never realized it. I knew I didn’t have to complain but to win this fight. But like hundreds of thousands of French people who fight against disease and the scourges of daily life, it was indeed a fight and somewhere, I won it. »

More than a victory since this accident does not prevent him from continuing the bike. As proof, he has just returned from a road trip with his partner, Nathalie Lecoultre, in the United States. It was by motorbike that the lovers discovered the country. A trip that went perfectly. To reassure his mother, he still wanted to keep her informed as much as possible: “I tried calling and texting him. It went really well!“.

His accident, however, is not not his worst memory. The latter is linked to his television career. Indeed, it is the participation of Christian Quesada in the 12 noon shots. Or how the dream turned into a nightmare for the animator. ” I have already said it. It’s my worst memory“, he told Télé-Loisirs. “I’m not going to write pages on it, we’re not going to be touts. When we were so wrong… A little respect to avoid making a buzz about someone who is not worth it at all“.

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