“He ruined the game! “: the genius of Mask Singer reveals his identity by mistake, internet users angry

“He ruined the game!  “: the genius of Mask Singer reveals his identity by mistake, internet users angry

Season 4 of Mask Singer is thrown ! This Tuesday, August 30, the second episode was broadcast on TF1. The opportunity for viewers to find the emblematic host of the show, Camille Combal. Three new jurors have also joined the concept: Chantal Ladesou, Jeff Panacloc and Vitaa. Kev Adamspresent since the first season, retains its place in the program.

During the last season, Mask Singer hit hard by inviting two international personalities to sing in costumes. The stars in question? Teri Hatcherthe interpreter of Susan in the series Desperate Housewives and the English singer Seal. In this second episode of season 4, after the artist Marianne James and the actor Frederic Diefenthal discovered last week, two new personalities revealed their identities to viewers.

This Mask Singer streak left viewers amazed

In this second issue, six personalities hidden in their new costumes were presented to the jurors. Thus, the bride, the turtle and the koala offered a first performance. The genius, the monkey and the knight were present for the second show of the evening. A new challenge for the four jurors who must find the stars hidden under stage clothes. And it must be said that the task is not easy, because the voice is doctored when the personalities take the floor.

A personality particularly marked the issue of this Tuesday, August 30. For the last duel of the evening, the genius made a grand entrance on stage. Viewers have discovered a character particularly restless and dissipated. His performance, however, managed to mislead the investigators. However, when speaking, the genius said a little too much about Chantal Ladesou, one of the four jurors.

Chantal Ladesou first thought of Marc Lévy, Booder and Danièle Évenou before Kev Adams put everyone on the track of Yoann Riou. The genius then defended himself by claiming to be the comedian Booder in order to cover the tracks. But the exchange eventually took a amazing twist ! Instead of trying to defend himself, the sports journalist only heightened the suspicions and almost unmasked. Results ? A general laughter which also caused the hilarity of Camille Combal.

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The genius revealed his identity to viewers in spite of himself

Internet users found the sequence particularly surprising. Indeed, the whole concept of the show is based on secrecy. They were flabbergasted that the sports journalist reveals his identity so easily. ” Yoann Riou is a genius, we can say that. He gets burned all alone, he didn’t understand the goal of the game, moreover, he has the same laugh, I love him too much », amused a viewer. » « Yoann Riou it’s like a kid with whom you play hide and seek and who shouts at you ‘I’m hidden here’ (…) He ruined the game “, remarked another internet user.

The end of the program is devoted to the discovery of personalities. And it is indeed Yoann Riou who was hiding behind the genie’s costume. A sequence which did not cause surprise after the blunders of the journalist which Camille Combal had fun. Despite this small failure, this season is a great success for TF1. The show was in head of audience. For its second week on the air, it attracted approximately 3 million of viewers.

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