“He is commercial at Shauna Events”: Benjamin Castaldi’s revelations about his son Julien

"He is commercial at Shauna Events": Benjamin Castaldi's revelations about his son Julien

Benjamin Castaldi made some revelations about his son Julien, on the Touche set not at my post this Monday, September 12. He notably mentioned Magali Berdah, who is at the heart of a controversy following a report broadcast on France 2.

This is a story that has not gone unnoticed. This Sunday, September 11, a new issue of Further investigation was broadcast on the antenna of France 2. It was entitled “Scams, money and politics: the real business of influencers” and it was a few influencers who confided. He created the buzz on social networks and it is logical that Cyril Hanouna wanted to mention him on the set of his show this Monday, September 12. While Magali Berdah’s agency was mentioned, it was Benjamin Castaldi who found himself at the heart of the controversy. “I didn’t even know your son Julien worked at Shauna Events“, launched Cyril Hanouna. To which the principal concerned replied: “He’s been working for her for four years“. Surprised, the emblematic host of C8 regretted not having been informed before. “I don’t tell you everything“, had fun Benjamin Castaldi before adding: “He is commercial. He looks for products, customers and he offers them. He does his job very well“. Subsequently, Cyril Hanouna goes on to say: “Internet users think that’s why you are defending Shauna Events, because you are afraid of finding yourself unemployed“, he concluded, amused.

As usual, Cyril Hanouna then broadcast an extract from the report by Further Investigation. In this one, we can discover Magali Berdah introducing Julien Castaldi. “I’ve been working here for four years“, he says with a big smile on his face.He has met his darling and they are waiting for a happy event. I will become auntie“, she rejoiced then. When the floor returns to Benjamin Castaldi, he explained to the host of C8 that it is thanks to him that his son met Magali Berdah. “He was on internship here at H2O“, he declares, amused by the surprise of Cyril Hanouna. “I don’t even know“, he launched before adding: “I paddle 90% of the time so I didn’t even know Benjamin Castaldi’s son was training here“. For his part, the columnist continues his explanation: “He got into Shauna Vents thanks to Magali, whom he met here. He worked his way up and now has a sales job“, he concluded, very proud of his son. Enough to silence the gossips.

Magali Berdah: did she react to this report?

The purpose of Complément d’Enquête’s report was to highlight influencer product placement scams. In this one, the people who spoke were transparent and there was in particular Magali Berdah, the director of Shauna Events. Following the broadcast of it and the controversy, it was at the microphone of Virgin Radio that she spoke this Monday, September 12. “As much as I’m a little used to this kind of show, so much Milla Jasmine, they really humiliated her. It’s not cool. It remains a human being. You shouldn’t behave like that. It’s not good”, she first claimed. If she felt trapped, it is in particular because she believes that “nothing was shown. We explained everything that was put in place by Shauna Events, to control. The lawyer even came to explain to you the verification grid of a site”she assures before adding:Anything that was constructive for people, anything that people expected as an answer to the question ‘What are you doing as an agency to protect consumers and influencers?’… Nothing was shown! Not a single minute! It annoys me !“.

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