“He held me, asking me not to move”, the testimony of the 7th complainant, who accuses Mendy of rape

"He held me, asking me not to move", the testimony of the 7th complainant, who accuses Mendy of rape

The trial of Benjamin Mendy and Louis Saha Matturie continued this Wednesday in Chester court. The jurors watched the video of the testimony of the seventh plaintiff who accuses the Manchester City side and his friend of rape. A story that highlights the role allegedly played by the footballer’s co-accused.

After several days devoted to witnessing and then to cross-examination very intense of sixth plaintiff, the trial of Benjamin Mendy in England continued on Wednesday. A seventh young woman thus accused the footballer of Manchester City and the French team of rape in July 2021.

This new alleged victim would also have been sexually abused by the co-defendant of this resounding case Louis Saha Matturie (no link with the former United footballer) the same evening then a third time, a week later, at the beginning of August 2021.

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She had already seen Saha Matturie but did not know Mendy

In the same way as for the other accusers, the members of the jury first heard the testimony of the young woman via the dissemination of several video recordings by the police. A total of three recordings were played in the courtroom. Friend of the sixth complainant, the seventh alleged victim says she was invited to a pool party at Benjamin Mendy’s in July 2021. Before that evening, she had never seen the Frenchman but had already met Louis Saha Matturie at several parties at him in his flat in Chapel Street.

About the evening of the alleged double rape of which she claims to be the victim, the 7th complainant specifies that everyone went to a nightclub in the center of Manchester before returning to the home of the footballer. “I was pretty drunk at this point in the evening so I can’t remember everything,” the woman said.

Among the memories that came back to her like flashes, she remembered being in the pool. Then she said she found herself alone with Mendy in the living room. “He was holding both of my hands, having sex, he was holding me, asking me not to move, he said it three or four times. I don’t remember what happened next,” again indicated the 7th complainant to the investigators.

She says she woke up the next day, next to Mendy, then said she left the room without saying anything, looking for the sweatpants she was wearing the night before. Waking up next to Benjamin Mendy, she said she looked for the pants she had on the day before before finding them in the defender’s locked room… with no memory of having set foot there during the evening.

The role of Saha Matturie questioned

During her testimony to the police, the complainant was questioned about the course of her evening in a Manchester club before her alleged rape at Benjamin Mendy’s. On the spot, the accuser claims not to have exchanged with the Frenchman but only with Louis Saha Matturie. Ditto after arriving to continue the evening at the home of the Skyblues player.

“I didn’t talk to him or dance with him or anything. I talked to Saha Matturie a little bit,” the alleged victim said in his recorded testimony to investigators. […] At his house, I don’t remember talking to Ben.”

An alleged rape by Saha Matturie a week after that of Mendy

A week after her alleged sexual assault by Benjamin Mendy, the 7th plaintiff claims to have met Louis Saha Matturie and the 6th plaintiff in a box in Manchester. After another drunken evening in the club, the young woman says she accompanied the relative of the footballer to his apartment in the Mancunian city in Chapel Street. On the spot, she explained to have taken “balloons” (understand nitrous oxide in balloons). Feeling a little euphoric and dizzy, she was then allegedly raped on a bed by Louis Saha Matturie.

“While I was taking my ball, he pulled my dress up and then he continued to touch me and started having sex with me,” the seventh complainant said. “I don’t recall saying anything. “

Relaunched by the investigators to ask her how she had experienced this sexual relationship, the young woman continued: “I don’t really know, I was just in shock. I did not expect this to happen. I remember being disgusted because I wasn’t attracted to him at all.” As if to better forget this incident, the alleged victim clarified that he had not spoken to anyone about it.

“Pretty buttocks”, Mendy would have launched to him

In the wake of this new alleged rape, the seventh plaintiff was invited to a new party at the home of Benjamin Mendy the next day. Invited by her friend, the sixth plaintiff, she went there but quickly wanted to leave. Eventually, she was watching an episode of the reality TV show Love Island in the movie theater at the footballer’s mansion with several other people. During the evening, she finally found herself alone in the room with Louis Saha Matturie who allegedly sexually assaulted her by grabbing her posterior

“He was lying on top of me, he was grabbing my buttocks, my legs and all the rest, she told the investigators again. I didn’t really say anything. I think I was a little afraid to tell him about it. ‘Stop.”

Leaving the house, she met Benjamin Mendy in her kitchen who, according to her, would have dropped her “pretty buttocks” which she says she ignored because she was too “disgusted”.

After this new traumatic evening, the seventh plaintiff says she continued to talk with Louis Saha Matturie. However, she told Benjamin Mendy’s relative that she did not feel safe enough to return to her mansion. Around the same time, the arrest of the Frenchman made headlines. During a telephone conversation with the co-defendant of the defender of Manchester City and the Blues, she said she heard him cry and accuse the girls who had filed the complaint of wanting to make money on the back of the footballer.

“I don’t think a girl would invent something like that,” she would then have retorted according to the story she told the police. This is where Louis Saha Matturie would have cried saying “girls always do that and try to make us look like bad.”

The complainant found the age gap with Saha Matturie strange

To explain that she had never given her consent to have a sexual relationship with Louis Saha Matturie, the seventh complainant highlighted the age difference between her and him. If the young woman is between 20 and 30 years old, the Englishman is already in his forties and the alleged victim found it “weird” because “he is so old we were so young”.

“[Qu’avez-vous trouvé étrange?, lui a été demandé] That he is interested in young girls,” replied the accuser during her testimony recorded by the police. After the viewing of the last recording made by the investigators, the trial was adjourned until Thursday. The questioning of the seventh plaintiff should then be conducted by Benjamin Mendy’s lawyer, Eleanor Laws.

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