Has the artist Marc Rebillet, who insulted Macron at Le Touquet, been asked to reimburse his fee? – Liberation

Has the artist Marc Rebillet, who insulted Macron at Le Touquet, been asked to reimburse his fee?  – Liberation
Believing that he damaged the image of the President of the Republic by insulting Emmanuel Macron, the management of the Touquet Music Beach Festival requires the Franco-American artist to reimburse his fee: “The guy shot my festival .”

The performance of the Franco-American electronic music artist Marc Rebillet at the Touquet Music Beach Festival on Saturday August 27 did not go unnoticed. Scheduled for 8 p.m., Marc Rebillet copiously insulted the President of the Republic during an improvisation from 8:40 p.m., during which he chanted “Macron asshole” and “get Macron out!” in front of a large audience. A provocation which had all the more resonance as the President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte were seen wandering the aisles and the VIP area of ​​this electronic music festival during the evening.

Videos of the concert have since been shared on social media and show Marc Rebillet in boxer shorts insulting the French president, but also the moment he tells his audience that “the festival is not happy”, then where he feigns an excuse by stating “I love Macron. I love you. I want to suck your dick Macron”. The artist then reports that the sound has been cut off (“They cut me off” in English) and the intervention of a woman in a jacket, on the edge of the stage, who makes a sign to him to stop by mimicking a cross. “It’s finish ? No politics? She is not happy”, continues Marc Rebillet before uttering other swear words (“I want to suck his little big cock. If you can’t say that [ici], so where the fuck can you say it? Damn, say it wherever you want!”) and resume his show.

An amused audience

Marc Rebillet’s “performance” received a mixed reception. If the images of the concert seem to show an amused public, other testimonies, such as that of the mayor of Le Touquet, Daniel Fasquelle, disapprove of the show. The organizer, France Leduc, expressed her anger to the voice of the Northwhich estimates that the performer has “taken hostage” the festival.

Sunday, the day after his concert, Marc Rebillet published a series of ephemeral videos on his Instagram account, where he is followed by more than 1.7 million subscribers, and in which he attacks the direction of the festival . After resituating his performance, the artist declares that “the festival is very unhappy with my remarks [les insultes, ndlr]. They muted my sound or tried to. They put it back. And then the president of the festival threw a whole glass at my manager, halfway through my set, on the edge of the stage, and now they want me to give them back their money for a performance that I did in full. Because they didn’t like what I said. It’s the craziest thing! Don’t work with the Touquet Music Festival. They screwed up. You can’t do shady deals like this in secret and not [m’]talk about.”

If he thanks the employees and the technicians of the festival, he does not mince his words against his organizers: “I just want you to realize how unusual this type of business practice is in this industry. When an artist finishes his entire set, as planned and we come to ask you for a refund. […] I’ve never heard of that.”

“People came to see Justice, Kavinsky, and we only talk about him”

Does the festival refuse to pay Marc Rebillet for his excesses? Contacted by CheckNewsFrance Leduc confirms that she has asked the musician for a full refund of the fee “which has already been paid to him 100% upstream of his service”, since she considers it to be a “deliberate act”. “He swore insults, damaged the image of the festival, I received messages from very shocked people. We are a festival that has a very good image. People come with families. This is an unacceptable situation towards the public, towards the festival, towards the president and even towards the artists. I’m not going to pay a guy to come and spread nonsense. We are not insulting the President.”

Disappointed by the controversy, she regrets the performance of the artist, whom she had discovered during confinement. “I worked like crazy, and the guy shot my festival. People are came to see Justice, Kavinskyand we only talk about him. I didn’t know he was an agitator. They didn’t buy tickets to hear such nonsense.” Accused of being a friend of Brigitte Macron by Internet users who welcome Marc Rebillet’s provocation, in the name of freedom of expression and their own opposition to Emmanuel Macron’s policy, the organizer denies being close to the presidential couple. .

Regarding the presence of Macron during the insults, France Leduc ensures that the President and his wife were not there yet. Journalists from the voice of the North and France Bleu also indicate that the presidential couple arrived later.


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