half-lawyer, half-monster, a superheroine full of irony in the new Disney series

half-lawyer, half-monster, a superheroine full of irony in the new Disney series

She had not yet come out that the series she hulk was already buzzing on social media, but not always for the right reasons. The trailer which unveiled the first images of the adaptation of the adventures of green-skinned heroine had been criticized, in view of the disappointing special effects. Faced with negative opinions, Disney + presented a second trailer a few weeks later with a more realistic Miss Hulk. But is this bad start like the rest of the series expected on August 18? Franceinfo was able to preview the first four episodes of She-Hulk.

The heroine Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) is a brilliant lawyer and cousin of Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), a scientist capable of changing into the Hulk and member of the superhero team the Avengers. During a car accident, she is contaminated by Bruce’s blood and transforms into a female version of the green creature, endowed with increased strength and resistance. The young woman tries hard to reconcile her professional life and her new power. But quickly he is asked to take the head of a new legal division for the defense of superheroes which are multiplying across the city. His first client is far from the easiest, it is Emil Blonsky, also nicknamed the Abomination (Tim Roth). A former soldier with the ability to transform into a scaly giant who years before had attempted to kill Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk). Still imprisoned since, the lawyer will have to plead for her release despite the obvious conflict of interest in this case.

If you were expecting yet another round of action, go your way. The Court is where She-Hulk fights most villains. Disney chooses humor for this adaptation of American comics, following the daily life of Jennifer Walters, which is not always obvious since she has the ability to turn into a green monster. This single 30-year-old juggles between her brilliant career as a lawyer and the matches unsuccessful on dating apps.

Actress Tatiana Maslany brilliantly plays the realistic life of a woman in a 21st century society, where superheroes are commonplace. Jennifer must fight sexism in her company to impose herself, and lets herself be devoured by her work to earn her place. She is a very human character who experiences situations in which many spectators will be able to recognize themselves.

Difficult to resume his pleading after a transformation into She-Hulk.  (@Marvel Studios 2022)

The series can sometimes have some sitcom airs with several recurring places where the heroine finds her friends and colleagues, Nikki (Ginger Gonzaga) accompanied by Augustus (Josh Segarra). But she hulk avoids being locked into a single genre thanks to a few action scenes that come to energize the whole and satiate fans avid fight. The series can count on its lively dialogues tinged with irony and teeming with pop-culture references. A narrative choice that brings a healthy breath of fresh air and makes she hulk a very current series.

Marvel also chooses to poke fun at its own flaws by regularly breaking the fourth wall. And makes the spectator an accomplice of the spikes against him. Fans of the license will have fun with the references to the studio’s various films, in particular through the character of the wizard Wong (Benedict Wong) seen for the first time in Doctor Strange. The episodes don’t fail to answer some crazy questions about the Avengers that audiences like Jennifer have already asked themselves…

The pub where Jennifer, her best friend Nikki and her colleague Pug meet to recount their often incredible days.  (Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios)

It’s hard not to mention the special effects (VFX) used to create the Hulk version of Jennifer. If there has been progress compared to the version presented in the first trailer, we still remain below the quality to which Marvel studios have accustomed us. Miss Hulk can’t reproduce Tatiana Maslany’s expressions enough and seems frozen in certain scenes. Conversely, his Hulk cousin is more realistic thanks to the details brought to his face, such as the squinting of the eyes or the salt and pepper beard hair.

Screenwriter Jessica Gao recently defended the series by portraying the hellish work rate Marvel’s VFX artists are going through. The license had previously been criticized for forcing teams into last-minute changes depending on the media variety. But these visual imperfections do not prevent you from enjoying the sparkling series.

"she hulk"the adaptation of the adventures of the green heroine created by Stan Lee and John Buscema in 1980. (@Marvel Studios 2022)

Lawyer She-Hulk, from August 18 on Disney+

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