Grace Kelly: Albert of Monaco returns to the troubled circumstances of his mother’s death, “I spoke with the emergency services”

Grace Kelly: Albert of Monaco returns to the troubled circumstances of his mother's death, "I spoke with the emergency services"

September 14 marks the anniversary of Grace Kelly’s death. For this sad occasion, his son Albert of Monaco spoke of that disastrous day in 1982.

  • Grace Kelly died on September 14, 1982.
  • His son Albert II of Monaco spoke about it in Nice Matin
  • He returned to the car accident and the theories surrounding it

It was almost 40 years ago. If the news has been focused lately on the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Thursday September 8, 2022 at Balmoral, the month of September is about to mark another fatal event. Princess Grace Kelly, wife of Prince Rainier III of Monaco, died on September 14, 1982 at the age of 52. His death, caused by a car accident with his daughter Stephanie of Monaco, is famous for giving rise to countless theories and speculations. In effect several mysterious elements surround it always, yet during an interview with nice morninghis son Albert II of Monaco explained that, for him, everything is clear.

“There were never any doubts in my mind“explained the husband of Charlene of Monaco, speaking circumstances of his mother’s death and the car accident that took his life. Before adding: “I spoke to the people who were there: the emergency services, but also the doctors, to understand the circumstances of the accident, concluding that she had this cerebral attack which caused her to lose consciousness in the car” . It is indeed the most probable explanation having been adopted, since this is what the doctors were able to see after the hospitalization of the princess. Grace Kelly did not die instantly, and underwent several examinations after the accident. Doctors were thus able to reportbrain hematoma which would be the cause of her loss of consciousness, following which she would have lost control of the vehicle and caused the accident.

Stéphanie of Monaco: “Some have stopped seeing her as a human being”

Despite the doctors’ words, the rumors surrounding the death of Grace Kelly and what would have caused it continue to circulate. For some in particular, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, present in the car on the passenger side during the accident, would even have had a role to play in the death of her mother. Those most skeptical of the official explanation believe that the young Stephanie of Monaco, then aged 17, was at the wheel of the car and that it was she who caused the accident. Other theories, particularly related to the mafia or the curse of the Grimaldi family, have also contributed to making this accident much more mysterious than it actually was.

Several years after the accident, Princess Stephanie of Monaco explained in an interview why, in her opinion, people had such a hard time accepting the car accident thesis. “There was so much magic around mum that somehow some people stopped seeing her as a human being. It was hard for people to accept that something so trivial could happen to her. than a car accident. People thought I had to be responsible, because she was too perfect to make that kind of mistake.“. Mystified and admired all over the world, Grace Kelly was however a woman like the otherswho suffered a stroke and then succumbed to a car accident.

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