gasoline prices fell last week

gasoline prices fell last week

If the price of a liter of diesel has remained stable, the bill for a full tank of gasoline has dropped by five cents, according to data from the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Good news for July fans who are about to hit the road in a few days: at the start of the summer holidays, fuel prices are going down slightly. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Ecological Transition, last week, the prices of diesel and gasoline lost a few cents.

Friday, thus, the liter of diesel stabilized and cost, on average, 2.1302 euros. An amount down by less than a penny compared to the previous week. The fall is more marked for gasoline, which has lost five cents in seven days: the liter of SP95-E10 was thus displayed at 2.0365 euros, that of SP95 at 2.0867 euros and that of SP98 at 2, 1485 euros. While diesel remains close to its historical record, the three other major fuels have therefore fallen for the second week in a row.

This dynamic is explained in particular by a fall in the price of the raw material: on Friday, a barrel of Brent thus cost 113 dollars, against more than 120 dollars two weeks earlier.

Uncertainty about the measures put in place this summer against high prices

It remains to be seen whether this momentum will continue over the long term, when the summer holidays are likely to lead to an increase in demand, in a context where supply is more limited. More broadly, in the energy sector, the rise in prices which is increasingly crushing households should not weaken before the end of the year. In its latest business report, posted last weekendINSEE was counting on an inflation rate ofjust under 7% in September“. It should then stabilize, between 6.5% and 7%, by the end of 2022, for an annual average of 5.5%.

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The measures put in place by the executive have made it possible to limit these increases, the national statisticians also noted: “tariff shield“and discount per liter have decreased”2 points in headline inflation in May“, they calculated, specifying that the discount alone limited inflation by 0.4 percentage point, year on year. Only a few points, of course, but enough to relieve the wallet of households forced to take their car to work, live and consume…

If the rebate per liter should, in theory, go out at the end of summer, the authorities are working on the tracks that must take over. The executive is counting on a more targeted system, targeting the “big wheels“, when the opposition, in the National Assembly, propose to freeze fuel prices or lower taxes which weigh between 55% and 60% of the final bill. Tracks to which the boss of Bercy has closed the door: “Additional spending of around 20 or 25 billion euros on fuel […] are too expensive, or you will have to give up other things“Warned Bruno Le Maire on Monday, adding that the”high alerton public finances had been reached.

In the immediate futurethe Minister of Economy and Finance intended to ask TotalEnergies to make a “effort» additional, either by extending the discount of ten centimes per liter granted for a few months, or by extending it, or by increasing it. A meeting with the CEO of the group, Patrick Pouyanné, was held on Monday morning. This last “shares the idea that companies must play their full part in this fight against inflation» and his teams must «make the best possible proposal, in the days to come“, we say to Bercy.

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