Gane looks back on his victory: “Never had my electricity been cut off like that”

Gane looks back on his victory: "Never had my electricity been cut off like that"

UFC Paris was a special night in many ways. A first historic event in France, a ticketing record for the Accor Arena in Bercy, five victorious French fighters… And it was even more so for Ciryl Gane. The heavyweight, main event of the evening against Tai Tuivasa, triumphed after a crazy scenario, which began even before the start of the fight.

On his Twitch channel, the Frenchman said he broke and moved a rib a few weeks before the big night. However, he considered himself lucky:I arrived at the fight with almost no pain in the rib“And yet, at the time of the injury, the pain was intense.”When it happened to me, I couldn’t move, remembers Gane. I rested and I said to myself ‘even without training I go‘. After about ten days I start running again, (…) in the process I do sparring. My body recovered incredibly quickly.


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Gane knocks out his opponent and electrifies Paris: the summary of his fight

“Dream” fight and light off

When asked if this is the fight he has enjoyed the most in his career, the standard bearer of French MMA hesitates for a moment. “I can’t find out. The experience yes… Because everything around, Paris, the fans were incredible, the family went up to Paris… it’s a whole thing that made it one of my best evenings“. And then the progress of the fight, too, gave a particular flavor to the event.

Because for the first time in her career, Ciryl Gane literally had the light turned off. On a hook, Tai Tuivasa hit it, and hit it well. So much so that the Frenchman spent a few seconds on the ground before recovering, during which time was suspended at Bercy. “I was lucky that he did not finish me, decrypts the native of La-Roche-sur-Yon. I fall on my buttocks, I take to their heels to the left so as not to take a right behind, until my eyes see it clearly. I see him come back on me and bam I grab his legs and get back up in half a second.”

If he didn’t really feel any particular pain at the time, it was surprise that came over him. “I’m on the floor, I wake up and I’m like ‘wow, what just happened?’. It’s the first of my life. I have never had my electricity cut off like this. Even in training. I’ve already been given stars, but never like that“. William Gomis and Nassourdine Imavov, his two friends from the MMA Factory, also victorious at UFC Paris and present during the show, were ecstatic in unison: “This is where you see the minds of true warriors. (…) It’s the dream of all fighters, a scenario like that“. Strong enough mentally, and especially physically, to get up, stay lucid, and win the fight by knockout a few minutes later.

Several months of rest

No hard feelings towards Tai Tuivasa, a fighter whom Gane greatly appreciated, inside and outside the cage. The two exchanged many smiles during their duel. And they extended the pleasure: “On returning to the hotel, I saw people outside, says the Frenchman. There was the Tai Tuivasa team and I stayed 2.3 hours with them. (…) We were drinking beer, we were talking.... However, it is not for lack of having suffered the cunning of the Australian during the fight.

Several times, the latter pretended to be stunned to push the darling of the public to approach and impale himself on his fists. But a particular moment marked Gane, he still smiles: “At some point he starts complaining (suddenly in the shell, editor’s note). I say to the referee ‘no no no’. I look at him, he laughs and says to me ‘yeah I admit it affected my fat’. And we start hitting each other again.”

Only downside in this evening, the ugly injury of the number one tricolor. By dint of multiplying the blows to bring down an absolutely indestructible Tuivasa, Gane broke his left hand. “For a moment I felt that my hand was broken. I feel it but I have no choice, my shots started to come in crazy“, he said. To recover properly, an operation is necessary, which will prevent him from hitting with his hand for several months. No new fight before the end of the year therefore, to see if this will not be a brake in his quest for the heavyweight belt.


Gane knocks out his opponent and electrifies Paris: the summary of his fight

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