“Further investigation” of influencers: the expected defense of Magali Berdah

"Further investigation" of influencers: the expected defense of Magali Berdah

A show that made a lot of talk. France 2 broadcast an issue of “Complément d’Enquête” on Sunday evening devoted to the business of influencers. Initially scheduled for Thursday in the second part of the evening, it had been postponed to this Sunday due of the death of Elizabeth II.

The program should normally have waited until September 22 to be broadcast in its usual box (due to a “Cash investigation” scheduled for next Thursday), but France 2 had chosen not to wait because some speakers lobbied not to appear on screen. »

Magali Berdah on set

Several sequences were eagerly awaited, in particular the responses, on set, from Magali Berdah, the boss of the influencer agency Shauna Events accused of fraud by Booba (who even filed a complaint against her). He “started attacking me on anything other than product placements”, she replied, denouncing the cyberbullying she was the victim of – She also filed a complaint.

In addition to Magali Berdah, the rapper attacked seven influencers for “misleading commercial practices” and “organized gang scam”, including Rym Renon, Jessica Thivenin, Julien Tanti and Maëva Ghenam. “Three quarters are not in my agency”, defended the guest of the red armchairs.

Other practices, common among influencers, were mentioned throughout the show, such as dropshipping and its derivatives. Tristan Waleckx, the presenter of “Complément d’Enquête”, notably returned to the fact of ensuring its subscribers an unbeatable price while the product is available elsewhere for (much) less. “I cannot reinvent the French economy”, reacted Magali Berdah, assuring that she was “in total transparency in what (she) does”.

Regarding the promotion of cosmetic surgery, which is prohibited, she said that neither she nor her agency did. But the influencer was quickly contradicted by the journalist who received her on set. “Once, in five years, I showed a woman giving me injections,” admitted the influencer.

In a video, during which Magali Berdah filmed herself receiving injections on her face, she commented: “All the women who need like me, she is in France for a few more days (…) and frankly, it is the best “. “Social networks, you show your life there. I have the right to say what I think, ”she defended herself, claiming to have paid for this surgery and not to have been paid to promote it.

“You don’t give anything to others”

Other notable sequences: the passage in which Alex, an influencer who makes the buzz on social networks thanks to the videos he shoots with his partner Nina, explains the interest of settling in Dubai: not paying tax.

“You’re happy to work because everything you do comes back to you and you don’t give anything to others, and that motivates you even more,” he says. “Zero tax”, concludes the influencer.

Milla Jasmine and counterfeiting

The show also interviewed, in his villa in Dubai, reality star Milla Jasmineabout the promotion of counterfeits – a prohibited practice.

“I don’t do that”, she first said, ensuring that she had never worked with the “La Moulashop” site, which sells items imitating well-known brands… Before the journalist showed her the one of her videos, in which she explained working with this site. “I am not at all aware (that the site was selling counterfeits), it was Magali who gave me this placement”, kicked the influencer, presented as a “former stripper”.

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