Fuel: this is why many stations are suffering from a fuel shortage!


Internationally, the price of a barrel of oil (fuel) is rising. This implies galloping inflation who invaded the world. In France, with the aim of protect purchasing power of the French, the government offers various measures.

In addition to the revaluation of social aid, the price of fuel has been subject to a rebate per litre. Only, the fuel itself is starting to run out. Throughout France, a fuel shortage is raging. It’s the case many Total stations.

There is a shortage of fuel

To cope with inflation, the State offered a discount of 18 cents on the price per liter in April. Given the inflation that grows continuouslythe reduction increased to 30 cents.

In addition to these two discountsTotalEnergies granted another reduction, i.e. 20 cents per liter. That’s why cars scrambled to refuel at the energy giant.

Due to the huge influx of consumers, the stock resources can no longer keep up. This implies a national fuel shortage. Many motorists come back to the road with annoyance after reading the poster:

“Out of fuel, please excuse us”

50 cents off

As mentioned above, cumulative discounts do a total of 50 cents. The discount is such that the price of fuel at Total is lower than that of other fuel distributors.

By way of illustration, this Monday, September 5, 2022, in Rennes, Total service stations are displaying a price per liter at €1.48 SP-98. That said, other service stations such as Leclerc, Carrefour or Super U display €1.60.

Given the degree of inflation, this price shift is not negligible for make ends meet in everyday life. That’s why people are scrambling to fill up. A phenomenon that caused the fuel stock to run out. And this is more serious in rural areas.

Tensions in peripheral areas

As you know, the rebate on the price of fuel concerns only France. Moreover, according to La Voix du Nord, price differences are even greater in border areas.

This is why, in addition to French people who want to save their fuel budget, foreigners run to Total stations. A Belgian motorist interviewed by the regional daily confirms:

“Here, it’s 15 cents different from the pumps in Belgium. It’s funny. Before, it was you French people who came to us to fill up. Now it’s the other way around. »

Fuel shortage in rural areas

Even in Total stations, the shortage is not the same. Some stations are open while others are closed. Why ? The reason is simple, gas stations are not delivered at the same frequency.

Supermarkets in the city center can be delivered twice a day. Conversely, those in rural areas, in addition to being targeted by foreigners, are replenished much less frequently.

The evolution of the fuel discount

If you want to take advantage of the discounts offered by the government and the company Total, don’t delay. Please note that this discount will only be in effect until November 1, 2022.

From this date, the reduction will be 10 cents per liter of petrol until December 31, 2022. That said, it cannot be ruled out that after this date there will be no further discount either. . And who knows, inflation may not get worse.

Influx of foreigners: good or bad news?

Because of the rebate, many Europeans get their supplies in France. This situation creates controversy. Some members of parliament say it is a loss for the state, while others say the opposite.

Loic Herve, centrist senator from Haute-Savoieduring the vote on the law amending the 2022 budget, said:

“The nation’s budget does not have to finance the refueling of our Swiss neighbours. The amending finance law proposed by the government will however have this effect, while the Swiss franc has never been so strong! It’s money thrown away! »

However, on the other side, others claim that the rebate on the price of fuel will bring 0.70 euro tax per liter in the state.

here is the calculation : given the current price of fuel, a liter brings 69 cents of TICPE and 31 cents of tax, i.e. 1 euro in total. If we subtract the 30 centimes discount, the tax authorities recover 70 centimes per liter.

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