Fuel, taxes, back-to-school bonus, restaurant tickets, retirement… Everything that will change on September 1

Fuel, taxes, back-to-school bonus, restaurant tickets, retirement... Everything that will change on September 1

Fuel Discount

Faced with rising prices at the pump, the government introduced a fuel bonus on April 1. The latter must evolve at the start of the school year and go from 18 to 30 cents per liter in September, as announced by the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire. “It is a temporary aid, 30 cents in September and October, then 10 cents in November and December“, he had indicated.

Exceptional start-up bonus

The government has decided to pay exceptional solidarity aid (AES) from September 15 to 10.8 million households. The amount of this re-entry bonus will be 100 euros per household and will be increased by an additional 50 euros per dependent child. This bonus will be paid to beneficiaries of the activity bonus as well as to people who receive social minima (RSA, ASS, AAH, etc.) and to scholarship students.

Restaurant vouchers

The ceiling for restaurant vouchers will once again be revised upwards in September to pass from 19 to 25 euros. Another major development, restaurant tickets will now be usable in supermarkets on all food products and not just on immediately consumable products, as was the case until now.

Retirement pensions, student grants and RSA

The rise in retirement pensions initially announced to the credit of retirees’ bank accounts for August 9, will not finally be perceived by our elders until September 9, 2022, following a delay in the vote on the purchasing power law. The revaluation of 4% of pensions expected by retirees from the general scheme, in order to offset the effects of inflation, will however indeed apply from the retirement of July, and this, retroactively. A few days earlier, other benefits must be revalued by 4%. This is the case of RSAof the Family allowancesof the housing assistance (APL, ALF, ALS)of the activity bonus and student scholarships. Beneficiaries will receive their first updated payment on September 5.

Disabled adult allowance

It’s done: the Disabled Adult Allowance (AAH) will see a 4% increase from now on. The National Assembly has indeed definitively passed the bill on purchasing power which includes this measure in particular. For the beneficiaries of this aid, its increase will allow them to pocket 37 euros more per month. A slightly higher amount, which does not however compensate for inflation, which is nearly 6.1% in July over one year. It should be noted that if the revaluation of the AAH is definitively entered into the law on August 3, its effect will be retroactive to July 1. The next installment is expected on September 5, 2022.

College scholarship

Applications for a college scholarship open September 1, 2022.”The college scholarship is allocated subject to means testing to families whose income does not exceed a certain ceiling, defined according to the number of dependent children“, indicates the Service-public website. This aid can be combined with the back-to-school allowance (ARS). It allows low-income families to touch from 105 to 459 euros.

Borrower insurance

The Lemoine law will allow all borrowers subscribing to a mortgage loan insurance contract to be able to change it at any time and free of charge, from September 1st. This law will apply to all current insurance contracts and has affected new loan offers since June 1.

Assisted reproduction

This is one of the effects of the bioethics law of August 2, 2022. As service-public indicates, from September 1 the anonymity of gamete donors will be lifted to the majority of children born from medically assisted procreation (PMA). Those who wish to donate sperm or oocytes must agree to provide the following information: their surname, first name, date of birth, age and family status at the time of the donation, family situation, physical characteristics and motivations for donating. These may be disclosed to children born of these donations as adults if they so request. Those who donated before September 1, 2022 will be able to provide this information retroactively if they wish, but they will not be subject to any obligation.


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