“Frustration is not part of our lives”

“Frustration is not part of our lives”

Based in Biarritz with her two daughters and her companion, journalist Hugo Clément, Alexandra Rosenfeld came out of her well-being bubble for an interview with Paris Match.

Who better thanAlexandra Rosenfeld to imagine the perfect yoga outfit? Converted into a yoga teacher on the Basque coast for several years, the former Miss France has imagined a set in collaboration with the specialized brand Circle. Paris Match went to meet her when she was inaugurating an ephemeral stand set up at the Bon Marché in Paris. The opportunity for her to come back to this project, perfectly in line with her lifestyle focused on well-being, which she shares with his companion Hugo Clément and his daughters, Ava and Jim.

Paris Match. How did this collaboration with Circle come about?
Alexandra Rosenfield. I am a yoga teacher so I wear sports clothes almost every day. For several years, I have tried to be as green as possible and to turn to responsible brands, so I bought Circle leggings and I loved them. The fact that it is made with recycled materials did not prevent it from being very technical and sheathing. I like to have the stomach, buttocks and thighs hyper sheathed. I said to myself that they were really brilliant and as I always have ideas which fuse, I had the urge to make a collection. But it’s really difficult to be responsible, especially in textiles. I talked about it with Circle during a conversation and it happened on its own.

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How involved were you in the project?
I created the collection as I wear yoga outfits: during class I wear leggings and a sports bra, but when going out, I like to wear a loose T-shirt and feel wrapped up, especially after a wellness practice. , whether yoga or pilates tonight.

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Who says responsible sportswear, sometimes says high prices…
We asked ourselves the question of prices, I didn’t want it to be too expensive and at the same time a pair of leggings for two euros is not normal. I went to the workshop in Porto, I gave a course to the ladies who worked on the outfits. Over there, all the workshops are struggling to be as eco-friendly as possible and these ladies are the best paid. It is a pleasure for them to work there, because it is a responsible and human environment. The question of price is associated with the well-being of the people who work behind it.

You gave the name of your eldest daughter Ava to the leggings and that of your little Jim to the t-shirt. Do they already share your passion for yoga?
Ava, the tall one, she is 12 years old so the leggings… (laughs). She has always seen me doing yoga, she has fun doing it with me, she tries to do postures. Jim has a boy’s name so it was perfect for the unisex t-shirt and her is the same, she’s 2 years old and she sees me practicing. Then I taught up to eight months pregnant so she has that in her. I bought her a book so she does little postures for children. Finally, the Yvette bra is for my grandma. The whole thing is “AJY”, the name of my well-being method, but also “act for you, for others, for the planet”.

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Your method is not only about yoga, but about a whole way of life, especially with food. Do your daughters ever ask you about it? Are they already imitating you?
The big one has decided to stop eating meat because she knows it’s what pollutes the most. My companion Hugo being a vegetarian, the house is vegetarian. We all have a very good appetite, so there are always good portions in the dishes with vegetable proteins. So Ava thought to herself, “If I’m not deficient and I eat vegetable protein at home, I can stop eating meat. “I said to him:” You do as you want, I will see to it that you are never deficient and that you always eat a balanced diet. Frustration is not part of our lives. We have a healthy lifestyle, we eat organic and seasonal, at home anyway.

Otherwise, she has a canteen. It’s out of the question for her at 12 to have a plastic bottle… Then she’s super tall and she often takes my clothes, so there’s also the notion of second-hand with us. It’s normal for her. This generation is already committed, they have ideas that they defend. They are much more alert and concerned.

Seeing your daughter so committed so young, in a context of global crisis, does that reassure you as a parent?
Yes, that reassures me. I read an article yesterday that said children born in 2020 are going to experience a lot of heat waves. They are going to have much stronger climatic problems, so fortunately they are worried about it, that it fits into their morals. Some very green people wonder if they will have a child or not. I tell myself that in the end, if we leave the world to people who don’t care… Might as well educate them, so that they have all the luggage in hand.

Your eldest is approaching adolescence. How do you approach this pivotal period as a mother?
We’ll see when we get there. I don’t apprehend. She will do the best for her, I will always be there as reinforcement.

Alexandra Rosenfeld presents her yoga clothing collection with the Circle brand at the Bon Marché in Paris, June 17, 2022.

Alexandra Rosenfeld presents her yoga clothing collection with the Circle brand at the Bon Marché in Paris, June 17, 2022.

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On social networks as in your book, you designate your body as an ally. Has that always been the case?
Yes, although I have heard criticism all my life. I have such a tough and strong character that it never got to me, unlike my parents. We always told my mother that her daughter was skinny, that she had to feed me. She bought me lots of cakes, she put me sauces in the dishes to make me fat but it was my morphology. For me it was silly, it was like criticizing the color of the eyes. I was made like that, it didn’t bother me, I wasn’t in bad health so it didn’t bother me. On the other hand, as I was not gaining weight, I had got into the habit of eating very badly. My body said stop around 23, 24 years old: I started to have pimples, canker sores… I felt that the body was rejecting something and we saw that I had gluten intolerance, because I only ate that . In addition to meat, I ate pasta, I only drank soda, I never ate vegetables…

I changed my diet from there. I started going to organic stores, eating in season… And that was the start of my journey towards well-being. Food is really the key. Once we pay attention inside, we want to pay attention outside and go to practices such as yoga.

Your trigger came after your Miss France year, did your “reign” play a role in this awareness?
I was in sneakers all the time and switching to heels every day… my back took a hit. Especially since I stopped the sport. At that time, I was stressed, I had back pain all the time, I saw osteopaths, physiotherapists… But it was yoga that helped me. It was a great experience, but today I am myself again every day.

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