From the Beatles to the Simpsons, Elizabeth II, “Queen of pop”

From the Beatles to the Simpsons, Elizabeth II, “Queen of pop”

From her coronation broadcast on television in 1953, Queen Elizabeth II was one of the first cathodic personalities. Very straddling protocol and traditions, the monarch and her husband, Prince Philip, however, very early maintained their media coverage. An image supposed to be less solemn and appearances as colorful as noticed which have not failed to transpire in British popular culture, but also internationally.

The Simpsons Queen

In the fifteenth season of Matt Groening’s animated series, the Simpson family discovers that Homer’s father had had a love affair in England during the war, and the Simpsons travel to London. Bad luck, Homer (who doesn’t know how to drive on the left) has an accident with the queen’s carriage, who sues him… The series depicts a particularly dignified (but severe) Elizabeth II.

“The Crown”, the event series

A worldwide success, the Netflix series relating, in a fictional way, the life of Elizabeth II has generated a renewed interest in the queen, especially outside the United Kingdom. According to (fragmented) data from Netflix, at least 100 million people have watched at least one episode of the series, the final season of which is currently filming – temporarily suspended following news of the monarch’s death.

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The best enemy of British punks

“God saves the Queen/The fascist regime” : the most famous punk song in history is a direct attack on the British monarchy, more than on Elizabeth II, but on the cover of the disc there is a portrait of the sovereign, her eyes and mouth barred in black. In 1977, the scandal created by the piece was gigantic: it was banned from broadcasting on the antennas of the BBC, its position in the charts was hidden in certain media and, despite a planetary success, the piece still remains sulphurous today. -Sleeve.

At the service (not very discreet) of his majesty

In 2012, for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, Elizabeth II received her most famous secret agent: in a short film, she welcomed James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, for a helicopter ride and a parachute jump ( performed by stuntmen).

A bear in Buckingham

For her platinum jubilee, the Queen welcomes Paddington, star of the film, to Buckingham Palace, in a sketch full of self-mockery so british of the same name, released in 2014. We see the teddy bear, invited to have tea with the sovereign, offer her a jam sandwich – a gesture to apologize for her very little formal clumsiness. The skit launched the Jubilee ceremonies, set to music by Queen.

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queen of pop art

Andy Warhol, who said he wanted to be “as famous as the Queen of England”devoted a series of four portraits of the monarch in the 1970s. Based on a photo from 1967, these colorful portraits retained Warhol’s usual treatment of celebrity images, portraying the Queen as a star ” like the others “.

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Pantone Queen

For her sixty-year reign, Elizabeth II, whose monochromatic outfits were a very distinctive style, was the subject of a specific color chart by the Pantone brand, using an array of cardboard silhouettes of the sovereign.

Is there a cop to save Elizabeth II?

In this first episode of the ultraparodic comedy series is there a cop (which succeeds the series of Is there a pilot), Leslie Nielsen plays Lieutenant Frank Drebin, a policeman from the city of Los Angeles where Queen Elizabeth II is expected. In a style that is both absurd and at the millimeter rhythm, the brothers Jerry and David Zucker sign one of the monuments of parody comedy with, in passing, the appearance of OJ Simpson as an actor to embody Frank Drebin’s partner. Jeannette Charles, who plays Elizabeth II in the film, will also play the role of the queen in another series of parody films, Austin Powers.

The hidden tribute to Her Majesty

Four years after their meeting with Elizabeth II, the Beatles publish Her Majestya very short song describing a queen “very nice, but who doesn’t have much to say”. The mini-piece closes the mythical album Abbey Road, after a silence of fifteen seconds. The title, lengthened and covered by several groups thereafter, is considered the first hidden piece in the history of rock.

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The Royal Death of the Smiths

The Queen is Dead : In 1986, the provocatively titled third album of the British group opens with a song underlining the antipathy of the singer Morrissey for the British monarchy. More than ten years after the God Save The Queen of the Sex Pistols, the Smiths perpetuate the long history of thwarted love of British musicians with regard to their monarch.

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