Free: here’s how to get around the new paid parking lot for 2-wheelers in Paris

Gratuit : voici comment contourner le nouveau stationnement payant pour les 2 roues à Paris

News hardware Free: here’s how to get around the new paid parking lot for 2-wheelers in Paris

In the pipes for a year now, paid parking in Paris for scooters and thermal motorcycles will take effect on Thursday 1 September. How much will it cost and how to avoid it?

From Thursday, September 1, Paris will charge for the two thermal wheels

Voted for the first time in July 2021 for application in January 2022 before being postponed for a few months for lack of preparation, the new measure aimed at limiting and taxing thermal two-wheelers in the capital comes into force this Thursday, September 1. In sight: the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

After having gradually chased cars from its city center for ten years now, the town hall of Paris is now attacking two-wheelers, and more particularly scooters and motorcycles which have invaded the city of light following restrictions. brought to cars in particular.

As the city was clearly not designed or laid out to accommodate so many vehicles, owners of scooters or motorbikes have adopted the good bad habit of parking absolutely anywhere, wherever they want, often as close as possible to where they go, limit in front of the door when possible…

Free: here's how to get around the new paid parking lot for 2-wheelers in Paris

In order to breathe new life into Parisians and make the streets more beautiful when the whole world will be watching the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the town hall has decided to act and will apply paid parking for all those who wish to move around. on two thermal wheels and park in the streets.

Note that Parisians and suburbanites will not be housed in the same boat. The “visitors”, as the town hall of Paris calls them, will only be authorized to park for a maximum duration of… 6 hours, not even a day’s work. And for a price between 2 and 3 euros per hour…

For those who have no choice but to go to work every day, subscriptions in partner underground car parks are offered for 70 or 90 euros per month depending on the zone, plus 0.8 to 1, 2 euros per hour.

Making for a “visitor” who spends 9 hours a day in central Paris, 5 days a week, the following sum: €90 + €1.20 x 9 hours x 5 days x 4 weeks = around €306/month or €3,672 € per year… By removing vacations and public holidays, we still easily arrive beyond 3000 € per year… Quite a change!

Discouraging? Exactly, this is the purpose of the maneuver, you discourage going to the capital by vehicle and promote public transport.

The (complicated) solution to not pay for parking in Paris? The electric scooter

So, don’t worry (or not), there is a solution to avoid paying for parking in Paris, which is to change vehicles and switch to an electric scooter. Sales have also exploded in the Paris region for a year and the announcement of this measure.

However, this will not be done simply without doing anything, hoping that the controllers will check the eligibility of your machine, you must first register on the
Paris City Hall website

and choose one of the two following options at the bottom of the page depending on whether you are a Parisian or a visitor:

  • Residential parking right for a motorcycle or scooter (motorized 2-wheel vehicle)
  • Visitor parking fee for a motorcycle or scooter (motorized 2-wheel vehicle)
Free: here's how to get around the new paid parking lot for 2-wheelers in Paris

Once this first step is completed, you will have to pay for a parking “ticket”, valid for 7 days to park around your home. This is called “residential parking”. And it will have to be renewed every 7 days under penalty of a fine. Be careful when you go on vacation!

And when you move around Paris or if you are a simple “visitor” from the suburbs or the provinces? In this case, you will need to issue a ticket, free, valid for a maximum of… 20 hours and which you can obtain via the usual parking applications such as Flowbird, ParkNow or PayByPhone (perhaps others to come).

In short, a real headache for all owners of two wheels, thermal or electric suddenly, which simply aims to discourage people from coming with their vehicle to Paris.

Good luck to those who will have to go through this ordeal worthy of the Twelve Labors of Asterix…

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