Françoise Hardy “not in great shape”: moved, Thomas Dutronc gives news of his mother

Françoise Hardy "not in great shape": moved, Thomas Dutronc gives news of his mother

Guests on the show Sept à Huit, Jacques and Thomas Dutronc confided in the state of health of Françoise Hardy. And the news is not good.

They were on the show seven to eight on TF1, this Sunday, August 28, 2022. Thomas and Jacques Dutronc indulged in a few confidences during the interview conducted by Audrey-Crespo Mara. The two acolytes confided in the big tour, they who share the stage during concerts much appreciated by their fans. If the father and the son are together on stage, a person dear to their hearts is missing: Françoise Hardy. Thomas Dutronc’s mother has been fighting cancer for many years and her state of health did not allow her to go to their concerts.

And apparently, things are not going well for Françoise Hardy: “Mom is not in great shape. To spend time with her, it’s not very easy. We manage. But the poor thing, it’s not easy for her”, says Thomas Dutronc. A difficult situation for the singer, who would have liked his mother to see him on stage with his father : “The sadness is that she couldn’t even come to see us. She never will, I think.”

Thomas Dutronc: “She watches lots of little films on Youtube that people make with their phones”

The artist still tries to keep hope and confides in the daily life of his mother: “She watches a lot of little movies on Youtube that people make with their phones.” So even if she is not present on their tour, Françoise Hardy is in the hearts of Jacques and Thomas Dutronc: “We did it for her. I’m doing it with Thomas, but it’s mostly all that for her. I think it makes her happy”loose Eddy Mitchell’s sidekick. Father and son, very affected by the state of health of Françoise Hardy do not lose hope that his state of health improves. In the meantime, they can’t stop thinking about her when they go on stage and treat the audience.

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