Franck Haise: “I will adapt to whatever happens”

Franck Haise: “I will adapt to whatever happens”

Franck Haise approaches his 3rd preparation on the bench of RC Lens. Always with the same desire to play, to progress, even if the Lensois coach knows that he could have to rebuild a little more deeply this year than a year ago. Franck Haise, can you detail what has been put in place for this new preparation?
We resumed Thursday with the staff. We wanted to meet one day before everyone else. I take this opportunity to thank Alou Diarra who is going to Troyes (note: he will take care of the U19s) and Thierry Malaspina who will take on other functions (note: in training) which he knows very well. They worked well with us and I welcome the arrival of Yannick Cahuzac as assistant and Hervé Sekli to train the goalkeepers. We did the tests on Friday and Saturday with the players, under the supervision of the performance staff, and we resumed classic training on Monday. For 2 weeks, it will be a work camp at home even if we will make a short stay in a secret place at the beginning of next week for a cohesion internship. Then we will have a week of training and after that we will get closer to the competition with the 3 weeks which will precede the resumption of the championship, with 2 big matches each weekend (note: Inter Milan on the 23rd, in the process of being formalized, then West Ham on the 30th).

There will be 4 runs this season… Does this change anything in your way of approaching this new exercise?
It’s part of the rules of the season and which will be different, with also the big cut. We will always have the ambition to play, to offer, to always improve things. I will not deny what we have been doing for more than 2 years because there is an additional descent. There will also be this longer break, we will adapt to it, with a new preparation over 4 weeks. We are working on it, planning an internship in December.

Compared to last season, it is felt that a greater number of executives could leave. Are we moving towards a different project?
As we speak, we can assume that there will be more departures. But for now, there are 2 with Yannick Cahuzac and Arnaud Kalimuendo. We will let time do its work on the transfer window. There are 4 recruits who are already there at the time of the recovery, it is already a good thing for their integration and their learning of training methods. There are things you can control, others you can’t. I focus on taking care of what I can master.

We can progress anywhere »

Can you imagine being able to leave without your 2 midfielders from last season, Cheick Doucouré and Seko Fofana?
All coaches want to retain the best, most influential players, but this is also done by knowing the overall project and what the structure of football is. We obviously want to keep them. But there is a global project, a club project. The players also have plans and I will adapt to whatever has to happen. They are all happy to be there but we know how things can go and we will see if our 2 holders will still be there, where only one, or none… We will adapt as any coach must adapt.

Do you approach the season with less pressure after your first 2 good exercises?
When you enter the Ligue 1 field, there is still a little pressure. There are those who want to leave 4 behind, that’s the reality. We are between the 12th and 15th budget, but that does not prevent us from being ambitious, as we have always tried to be so far. It will go through what we will try to put in place in the game and in the locker room with a united, generous and aligned group. When you’re a coach, you know that all of this is, perhaps not on a thread, but not so easy to build. My ambition is to build a playful team that takes initiatives and lives as best as possible. If we have that, we can be ambitious. We are aligned with Florent (Ghisolfi), we have been in the Top 10 for 2 years after putting things in place to maintain ourselves, and I hope we will always be in this top 10. It’s always by stage that we must move forward even if the supporters, like you or even the players or staff, want things to go quickly. We must not forget certain data for all that.

In a logic of progression, what are your expectations compared to last season?
I think that we have, as the season has gone on, found a balance. We had the will to play, we also knew at times, in sequences, to be pragmatic, then to others bring a lot of madness. There is a good base but we can progress everywhere, on all fronts. One of the things that allows progress is that the players have this will to do things together. It always remains that the strongest, it is not a question of taking an individual player. It is the combination, addition and cooperation between these players that matters most. This has been our great strength for 2 years, and it is a key element of progress.

Interview by Christophe Schaad

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