“Fort Boyard” files a complaint against this Youtubeur specializing in urbex

"Fort Boyard" files a complaint against this Youtubeur specializing in urbex
YouTuber Max Von Croft, who specializes in urbex, illegally entered the fort in September 2021.

Max Von Croft YouTube video capture YouTuber Max Von Croft, who specializes in urbex, illegally entered the fort in September 2021.

YouTuber, Max Von Croft, illegally entered the fort last September. A complaint has been filed.

YOUTUBE – A mystery guest. In September 2021, YouTuber Max Von Croft, who specializes in urbex, decided to take a private tour of the monument. It is camera in hand, that he proudly films himself at the top of the famous Fort Boyard located opposite the island of Oléron. After a complaint filed by the show’s production company, he will be tried in mid-September.

I infiltrated Fort Boyard. Quite clearly the most epic adventure on my channel,” on Youtube Max Von Croft appears enthusiastic at the idea of ​​having achieved this feat. “My goal is to make you discover historical, cultural, natural and interesting places all over the world during my travels”he explains.

Private tour and guided tour

The unusual story told by the south west newspaper, looks like a test worthy of Fort Boyard. It is after having sailed for 2.5 km on the edge of a kayak and in the middle of the night, that the youtubeur arrives in front of the fort. He will then have to climb with the help of a rope and climb the 20 meters of wall to reach the finish line.

The private tour for the youtuber and the guided tour for spectators can then begin. All along his video lasting about thirty minutes, Max Von Croft strolls, explores and recounts his experience of two days spent in the fort.

Going through the kitchen, Father Fouras’ tower or even costumes, the youtuber becomes for a few minutes the guide to an emblematic place for many fans of the show produced since 1990.

“I’m not going to show you too many sets, because you risk being extremely disappointed, it’s just cardboard. There are technical installations and cables everywhere, it’s ultra cheum (ugly), but you can’t see it on TV at all.” he says.

A video that does not make you smile

The show’s production company, Adventure Line Productions, filed a lawsuit in May 2022, following the release of the video the same month.

“What he did is ultra-dangerous, it’s unconscious. He could have fallen while climbing the wall. The phone does not pick up everywhere inside, if there had been a problem, no one would have known about it”, gets annoyed with the Parisian the production company this Wednesday, August 31.

This is the first time that ALP has spoken on this subject. Without the video posted online, the company had not actually noticed this intrusion into the famous fort.

With this complaint, our primary goal is to mark the occasion and above all to dissuade other people from having the same idea. We want to avoid potential dramas in the future. We don’t want to find a corpse in the Fort.”explains the production.

The only intrusion into the fort?

“I’m not encouraging anyone to do what I did again. The purpose was not to show how to enter the fort but what was inside […] My goal wasn’t to mess things up or piss off the production, but to make me love it, to put on a performance. »

The realization of this infiltration worthy of 007 was prepared with people from the region who had already gone there clandestinely. “I didn’t deface or steal anything. Every year, people go to the fort,” confides Max Von Croft to the Parisian.

The show’s production company, Adventure Line Productions, confirms that nothing was forced, defaced, or stolen. Since then, the fort’s security systems have been reinforced.

VIDEO – Fort Boyard: who is the youtuber who broke into the monument?

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