Formula 1 | Does Verstappen dominate thanks to Newey… or thanks to him?

Formula 1 |  Does Verstappen dominate thanks to Newey… or thanks to him?
Does Verstappen dominate thanks to Newey… (...)

That’s it: Max Verstappen has more than 100 points ahead of his runners-up in the championship, Charles Leclerc and Sergio Pérez.

The Dutchman seems untouchable and unfazed in this second half of the season.

His car too: while Zandvoort is a very different track from Spa, the F1 made in Milton Keynes was still the fastest in qualifying and in the race, even if the gaps certainly narrowed.

Does the Red Bull therefore have no weaknesses? Max Verstappen is not going to reassure the competition…

“No real weaknesses, but we know that in some places we are stronger than others, we know that on a high downforce track it is a little more difficult to get the best out of our package. »

“But if you look at the whole season, of course you have more tracks with average downforce levels and our car is very efficient there. »

“That’s why I think we’re all looking forward to going to Monza. »

Max Verstappen also seems to be in osmosis with his team, his engineers, his car… everything is going well and he is reaping the fruits of long-term work according to him.

“It’s normal, because you spend more time with everyone and, of course, you are part of the team for an even longer period. So I think that’s what you’re hoping for, right? »

“Each year you feel even more in harmony with the team. With the car, it is a delicate question. Because, of course, when the rules change, sometimes you have to start all over again. And I must say that at the beginning of the year, there was a bit of adaptation, which is not entirely to my taste. »

“But also, as I already explained, the car was quite heavy. And naturally, by reducing the weight, it became a little more agile. »

“It’s a team effort, you know, and the intensity is different. It’s also a completely different season. But I don’t need to tell anyone in the team, the motivation we have, to always try to improve and win races, even when we win races we always want to do better. . And also after Zandvoort we will look at a lot of things that we can do better. »

“But that’s what you always have to have, that kind of approach, always wanting to do more, wanting to do better, because that’s how you stay on top, because if you stay still, of course, you will be overwhelmed. »

When he arrives on the grid in pole position like at Zandvoort, does Max Verstappen realize how his season is taking an exceptional turn at the moment?

“When you’re on the grid, you don’t think how special everything is. I’m focused on what I have to do in the car. You go through all the procedures and it’s nice, of course, to see all the crowds and the craziness and I really appreciate it, but I also think, as a sportsman, that you focus on your job, is it not? And that’s what you do throughout the race. »

“And then of course, after the race, you take everything into account. It was a very special weekend for me, to see all these fans coming out and supporting me. It was amazing, but of course during that hour and a half of Grand Prix on Sunday you are fully focused on your work. »

The importance of the driver: Verstappen takes the example of Hamilton

Is Adrian Newey the first to be credited, for having been one of the thinking heads of this so efficient Red Bull? Does Newey do everything? Does the driver matter more or less than the car?

This is an opportunity for Max Verstappen to pay tribute to his talent… and that of Lewis Hamilton by the way!

“There are a lot of things that are due to the team, of course, like when Lewis won his championships. That’s how it is in Formula 1. Your car is super important, but when you’re an exceptional driver, like Lewis is too, you make the difference with your teammate in that moment, because in the crucial races too. »

“For example, there is one that was significant for him, Lewis, it was Turkey, when it was very slippery on the circuit – you had to stay calm, not make mistakes. You end up winning a race like this and that’s what good drivers do, in the end. They make the difference compared to other fast but not as good riders. »

“So, yes, the car is very dominant [nécessaire pour signer une bonne performance] in Formula 1, but of course, between teammates, only one can win, and that’s where you have to make the difference. »

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