Florent Pagny cancer victim: he recorded a new song with this famous French star!

Florent Pagny

At the start of the year, Florent Pagny made a quite disturbing announcement to his fans. While the latter were waiting for his tour, he finally canceled it. The reason ? A cancer of the lung.

Florent Pagny is recovering from his chemotherapy

The start of 2022 was quite difficult for Florent Pagny. While planning to do his tour, he had to cancel his last one. victim of a cancer of the lung, he announced to his community that he could not honor this project.

Because of his chemo sessions, Florent Pagny preferred think about your health first. His only goal: to cure his cancer. If he is still fighting against the latter, it would seem that the singer is doing much better.

A few months ago he had by the way confided that his cancer had shrunk. Thanks to chemo, he managed to shrink his inoperable tumour. Good news for fans who are on the lookout for his news.

Last August 14, the singer also gave information about his state of health. On Instagram, he shared a photo where he displayed on a boat and quite fit.

Florent Pagny also confided: ” Everything is fine ! I’m picking up colors in the Aegean Sea. Wonderful “. A reassuring message that did not fail to delight his community. But that’s not all.

” It is going much better “

In an interview with RTL, patrick bruel also gave some information on the state of health of his friend. He announced : “On the set of the clip, it was great to find him.

Before adding: “The latest news, I think things are going much better (…) Things are taking their course but rather in the right direction and we are all very happy and very impatient to find him in great shape (…)”.

He also revealed about Florent Pagny: “I think he was extremely touched by the dose of love he received and I don’t think he suspected it at that point (…)”.

Patrick Bruel also confessed with emotion: ” You know Florent and me it’s a friendship that lasts for a very very long time. The clip was great. I am very happy to be part of the project”.

If Florent Pagny and Patrick Bruel have shot a clip for their song “Terra Corsa”, the coach of The Voice has a new project in mind. Indeed, another music star announced that they had worked on a new song.

“We are about to finish it very soon”

For Charts in France, Kendji Girac announced on Tuesday August 30 that he is recording a ” very nice walk with Forent Pagny in the studio. Very good news for fans who were not expecting it at all.

The coach of The Voice Kids also revealed: ” This is a vocal song of course, because Mr. Florent Pagny! I said to myself that if I sang with him, it had to be a really vocal song, where we play our rather powerful strings ».

For the moment, Kendji Girac did not wish to reveal the name of this news music. On the other hand, he is convinced that this new song ” go please everyone“.

On August 30, Kendji Girac had nevertheless explained that he was still working on this new hit. “We are about to finish it very soon”explained the singer to Charts in France. Still a little patience before discovering it!

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