Five figures that show the madness surrounding the death of Elizabeth II

Five figures that show the madness surrounding the death of Elizabeth II
A souvenir from Queen Elizabeth II (Photo by Tolga Akmen / AFP)

A souvenir from Queen Elizabeth II (Photo by Tolga Akmen / AFP)

The pomp that surrounds the death of Elizabeth II risks hurting the British economy, already at half mast.

This is the increase in sales of a derivative object around Queen Elizabeth II, since her death. The object in question? a T-shirt with a fictitious portrait of the Queen, wearing British colored glasses. Among the other best-sellers, a figurine bearing the image of the Queen, whose sales jumped by 100,000%. This “Solar Queen”, whose hand is agitated, has even become the most sold in the category of figurines, in front of that of a plastic Hulk, details Le Figaro.

The sales of the

Sales of the “Solar Queen” have exploded on Amazon. (Amazon screenshot)

Consequence of this craze for derivative objects around Queen Elizabeth II, on Amazon, the mug which celebrates the 70 years of reign ofElizabeth II found itself at the top of the sales, as well as the biography written by Robert Hardman.

A craze online, but especially on site. Thursday, the evening of the announcement of the death, a seller explained to AFP that he had to close his shop at 9 p.m., but that, faced with the craze, he had to “stay open until 1 a.m. because “everyone wants a souvenir”. When it closed, there was nothing left.

Sales of derivative products could increase by 69 million dollars (68.6 million euros) after the funeral, according to John Plassard, analyst for the banking group Mirabaud, interviewed by AFP. According to the Center for Retail Research, a retail body, by Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee in June 2022, Britons had spent almost £330m on souvenirs.

This is the estimated cost of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, which promises to be historic. 10,000 police officers will be mobilized to secure the event, including dozens of international leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron and his American counterpart Joe Biden.

By comparison, Princess Diana’s funeral cost 10 million pounds in 1997, and 5 million pounds for that of the Queen Mother in 2002.

This is the estimated cost of the period of mourning to the UK economy per The Independent. In addition to the cost of the funeral, there are impacts on the British economy, already at half mast. The day of the funeral, Monday September 19, will be a public holiday across the Channel. most shops are expected to close, as is the London Stock Exchange.

It is, for the moment, stated on the government website that: “depending on the nature and location of their business and the tone of the planned events, some businesses may wish to consider closing or postponing events, in particular the day of the state funeral. However, this is at the discretion of individual companies.” To estimate the impact on the economy of this public holiday, during Her Majesty’s Golden Jubilee in 2002, Britons were given a day off from work to celebrate the 50 years of reign of their queen According to a report by the British Office for National Statistics (ONS), its negative impact was 2.3% of Gross Domestic Product for the month in question, or 0.8% on Another public holiday is scheduled on the day of the coronation of Charles III.

Added to this is the closure, the day after the death, of certain stores such as the historic chain of department stores Selfridges or the luxury store Liberty in London. Not to mention the postponement of many sporting events such as football matches scheduled for last weekend, and the reprinting of British currency, 4.5 billion banknotes in circulation, with the portrait of King Charles III. Stamps and passports, with the effigy of the Queen, will meet the same fate. Losses which will be partly compensated by the tourist influx linked to the event.

This is the time that the British who wish to pay homage to the queen could wait. According The Sun, for 4 days, the British will be able to meditate in front of the coffin of the Queen in Westminster Hall. The expected queue would be between 4 and 5 km, between London Bridge and Westminster. That is a wait of up to 11 a.m. for the last arrivals. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected.

By way of comparison, in 2002, 200,000 people attended the tribute to the Queen Mother. In 2005 in Rome, a million people came to pay homage to Pope John Paul II.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has become the most commented event on Twitter, according to the Visibrain platform, quoted by BFM TV. Up to 1,834 tweets per second were recorded when the death was announced, being for example 1.7 times more commented than the 2018 World Cup final, and 4.2 times more commented than the assault from the Capitol, January 6, 2021. When the death was announced, 3 million messages in just one hour were posted on the social network.

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