find and buy your apartment or house online!

find and buy your apartment or house online!

Why buy new?

Buying new certainly has less charm than old, but it offers many advantages.

First of all, a new home is generally more functional, its construction has been made to optimize space and not waste space. You will be able to give your opinion on certain architectural points, think about your future interior decoration, enough to create the accommodation of your dreams. In addition, this type of property often has an outdoor space such as a balcony, a terrace or a small garden, a highly sought-after advantage since the Covid period. A new program often also has a car park, which is very difficult to obtain in an old apartment in the city center. Depending on the standing of the building, spaces and services are sometimes included as a gym, a shared garden, a concierge service or even a collective terrace.




From €96,082

The purchase price of a new real estate program is higher but it offers more guarantees concerning insulation standards, energy acoustics, materials. All these installations will allow you to make great energy savings every month. Indeed, the accommodation will be classified A or B for the energy diagnosis, a real difference compared to the old one, very often classified beyond C. Also forget the major maintenance work such as a facelift, change of roof or heating, there won’t be any for at least 10 years.

Investing in the new, these are also significant savings for notary fees: a rate of 3% against 8% usually. Finally, several thousand or even tens of thousands of euros are saved. To promote new properties, the State has implemented several advantages for future buyers. If the accommodation is your main residence, in this case you will be exempt from property tax during the first two years. Finally, if this is your first real estate purchase, you can obtain a loan at zero interest, depending on your resources.

Buying new is the assurance of having a quality product and save money in the long run.

The Great West has never been so accessible : 1h15 for Rennes-Paris, 2h for Nantes-Paris or 1h30 for Saint-Malo-Paris by traveling by TGV.

Bonnie, your best ally to buy your main residence

Because you don’t like being told about mass, the Bonnie platform breaks industry codes avoiding intermediaries. The platform provides you with the information and answers to support you in your search, but leaves you in control of your entire purchase journey. It is indeed the first real estate site which makes it possible to concretize its buying a new property online. After having reserved his apartment or house, the buyer fills in the information concerning civil status and within 72 hours the individual receives the reservation contract from the promoter electronically for digital signature. It is a real breakthrough in the real estate market that Bonnie offers. The company quickly understood the importance of digitalization. At its head are 3 experts with more than 20 years of know-how in wealth management. They offer you transparency, emancipation and understanding of their investments. They allow you to understand all the workings of a good purchase or investment.

Bonnie arrived recently bringing a comprehensive and innovative offer :

  • A large catalog of new properties: more than 50,000 new homes throughout France. The offer is varied and not only concentrated in the major French cities.
  • The offer is updated in real time, it is exclusive to Bonnie and a considerable advantage in this specific market.
  • Guarantee that the subject property is available.
  • The platform takes care of all your steps, it automatically calculates the borrowing capacity taking into account expenses and income.
  • A powerful algorithm based on artificial intelligence to save you time during your research: it allows you to know the real rents collected in a district, the level of education of the inhabitants, the details of each key point
  • Online booking directly on the Internet.
  • No costs or fees to pay.

What sets Bonnie apart from other sites are the real estate advice provided on the product sheet: clear explanations concerning the potential for added value, the ease of resale or the attractiveness of the district. Additionally, a expert team has prepared interviews, videos and tutorials on many subjects: Successfully buying real estate, how to become a landlord, how to buy a new apartment, etc. Essential questions that everyone asks.

Direction the Great East to discover a region with a large diversity of landscapes and cities with crazy charm like Strasbourg or Colmar.

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