Fifth. The François André Prize in Deauville this Tuesday August 16, 2022. – Angers Info

Fifth.  The François André Prize in Deauville this Tuesday August 16, 2022. – Angers Info

Direction Deauville this Tuesday, August 16, 2022, for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté Plus of the day. In this event, the Prix François André will have to compete against each other. The race will be contested over 1400 meters, and endowed with 50,000€.

In this class, Just In Love (3) is a well-known mare around 1600 meters and on courses with turns. Lately over 1800 meters she has done well for a long time. Before probably fishing by a relative lack of outfit. If it adapts to the rectilinear route that it will discover here. She would not be bothered by the possible occurrence of thunderstorms. Guerreira (5): This resident of Helder Faria-Pereira is well known in France and in the handicaps. Finally, she could not stand out in the quinté reserved for women jockeys without having the best of courses. Nevertheless, in 38 of value, it seems to have only a secondary chance. To see her at the finish would be a surprise. After an encouraging debut race, Perl (7) then showed relative consistency in effort. Except for its most recent release. That day she concluded at a clear distance. Questioned by the marshals, her partner had told them that the filly had been very lively at the start of the race. This failure explained, it should not be condemned hastily. Two Thank Yous (10) has stuck to finish lately. Penalized in weight following its two successes of the season in the handicaps, it now has a very thin margin on the scale of values. However, she is not out of the question for a place after a good run. Diadema (14) is a well-known filly. Having revealed precocity under the rule of Frédéric Rossi, it has relatively confirmed its potential this season under the training of Fabrice Chappet. She discovers disabilities on Tuesday. But has enough trade to adapt well from the start in this category. Swift and hard on the effort, it will be right on its distance on Tuesday.

Geny’s secrets

Guillermo Arizcorreta: Upa Lola (1): She’s a great filly who responds to each of her attempts. This time she will try herself in a handicap with a fairly high value. It’s normal, it has good outings but will it be competitive? I believe it, I hope so… Moreover, I think that she will be better off over 1,400 meters in a straight line than over the mile. We move with legitimate pretensions.

Mauricio Delcher-Sanchez: This year, Masiel (2) started the year less well than we thought. We were also ambitious in trying to make her become black-type. We go down in category, but this is not obvious in 41 value. However, I think she should run well. It is difficult to envisage it for the victory, but it can be placed.

Gregory Leenders: Kimina (4): Finally, she was a little sick, which is why we gave her some time. Everything is back to normal and seems to be in good shape in training. Judged on its best outings, there is no doubt that it is competitive at this level. As often with our boarders, a loose track would be an asset.

Henri-Alex Pantall: Before Dawn (6) disappointed us a little lately, but it also went badly at the beginning of the course and ended up a little far behind. You have to redeem it.

Gianluca Bietolini: Brana (8) is a filly that I like. She certainly has little profession and will discover the handicaps here. But I’m quite curious to see it at work here. Especially since the straight course of 1400 meters should perfectly match his skills. Tuesday I think she is capable of actively fighting at the finish.

Henri-Francois Devin : Dhahabia (9): She has remained in very good shape since her fifth place in Hanover. Previously, it had proven its competitiveness in 35.5 in fifths. Before the kick, everything looks good and I hope to see her fight for the first places.

Richard Chotard: Dancing Diva (11) just proved her form in a recent claim. It has since recovered. She had failed at this level in the past. But over a distance a little long for his skills. Tuesday the 1400 meters will be perfect for her. Handy the straight line should not disorient it

Mathieu Brasme: Lily Rose (12): I don’t think her place at the rope is too awkward on this route. That’s good theoretical luck. The last time, she took some time to find her action, but finished very well in the last two hundred meters. We try this straight line and I hope it will not end up too far during the course. She is very well and knows how to finish her shopping; his place is in the fifth.

Jerome Reynier: Joviale Béré (13) has been speeding recently over the 1200 meters of Chantilly and a little light ground. The 200 meters more this time will be profitable for him. And the eventual arrival of the rains would serve its interests. It is a filly who had been unlucky in a previous fifth over the 1300 meters of Paris-Longchamp

Francois Rohaut: Pearls Angel (15): In view of all of her performances, she is in constant progress. I’m happy with her in training and I think that rated in 37, you have to try at this level. The course and the distance won’t bother her and after a good race, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her competitive. Now, she may lack experience compared to some.

Mathieu Brasme: In 36.5, Toocoolforschool (16) seems to me to be taken a little high in value. Last time, she didn’t run so badly behind. I thought she would have been lowered to the weight on that, but the handicapper didn’t. It’s that he considers it competitive at this value, but I doubt it a bit. She is very good. We’re going to ride her as a secondary chance and try to get her to grab what she can.

A summary: 6-9-4-12-15-13-3-1 The summary of the press: 6 – 9 – 12 – 13 – 15 – 4 – 2 – 14

Equidia: 13-9-6-12-15-4-16-1
Europe 1:12-13-9-15-4-6-1-8
The Parisian: 12-15-9-2-3-14-6-13
Paris Turf: 9-12-6-14-13-15-3-11


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