fans angry over this particular decision by Amazon

fans angry over this particular decision by Amazon

After 2 episodes of the new series Rings of Power, released simultaneously last Friday, le long-awaited 3rd episode is released today on Amazon’s platform, Amazon Prime Video. However, there was a hitch with fans, who were quick to point it out on the networks.


Diversity issues

Extremely awaited by all fan base around Tolkien and his writings, the most expensive series in history: The Lord of the Rings : The rings of power had its grand premiere last Friday, September 2. If we could guess that the mayonnaise was going to take quickly, the series has Operated Prime’s Biggest Launch Ever Video. Thereby, the first 2 episodes attracted over 25 million viewers worldwide, Amazon recently welcomed in an official press release. A welcome piece of information as the ratings war with House of tea Dragon and HBO rages.

However, the series has recently faced many strong racist attacks towards part of its cast. Specifically, the fact that some characters are colored in certain ethnicities (DwarfsElves or Pievelus) do not pass. Already, during the presentation of the official posters of certain characters and the distribution of the trailers, strong criticism had already been issued. Confronted with this, the production claimed that they would not let this pass again, and that she would now like to verify a review before it is published. Some actors from the Peter Jackson trilogy have also spoken out to condemn these attacks.

A choice that did not go unnoticed

But while the 3rd episode has just been released all over the world, fans expressed their disappointment with the commissioning schedule. Indeed, most fans expected to be able to watch episode 3 at 6 p.m.but instead, Amazon ultimately decided to the to return accessible from 9 p.m. US time. A choice that did not fail to make fans react strongly on the networks, as evidenced by these few tweets.

Did they not release Rings of Power tonight because of the Black Adam trailer? ud83dude02ud83dude02ud83dude02

September 9, 2022

They didn’t release Rings of Power tonight because of the Black Adam trailer?

Wait is RoP not Thursdays like it was last week? I don’t see a new episode damn it.

September 9, 2022

Wait, Rings of Power doesn’t come out on Thursdays like last week? I don’t see a new episode, damn it.

Why the hell isn’t there a new episode of #RingsOfPower #RingsOfPowerOnPrime tonight? Why air the premiere on a Thursday if it isn’t a Thursday show ud83eudd26‍u2642ufe0f

September 9, 2022

Why the hell isn’t there a new episode of The Rings of Power tonight? Why broadcast the premiere on Thursday if it’s not a Thursday show?

However, Prime Video had reported during a press release in August that from episode 3, and this until the end of the first season, i.e. October 14, the commissioning schedule would go from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. In France, the schedule has changed from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m.. Amazon explains: “Episodes will launch at the same time worldwide, so all fans can experience them simultaneously. The eight-episode first season finale will air on October 14..”

This choice made should prevent some from being spoiled, as well as allow everyone to communicate simultaneously around the world around the release of the episode.

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