Facebook scam: Decathlon does not give away damaged bikes, beware of this scam!


Earn hundreds of damaged bikes by commenting on a post. This is what published a fake Decathlon page to deceive Internet users. On Facebook, many of them fell into the trap. This prompted the Belgian branch of the company to issue a press release.

Decathlon: bicycle scam

Social media scams are more and more numerous each day. Lately, it’s on Facebook that the criminals struck. They created a page called “Decathlon Fans” and trapped countless netizens with a false post.

The page in question posted that it was giving away bikes “damaged” to those who would comment on his post. What is wrong. Indeed, the scammers simply wanted to lure Internet users into their trap. A phishing attempt aimed at stealing victims’ personal information.

As this type of scam is becoming more and more numerous latelythe official page of Decathlon called for caution.

“For the past few days, pages such as “Decathlon Fans” or variants have been broadcasting messages suggesting that Decathlon Belgium offers slightly damaged bicycles. This information is false, ”said the Belgian branch of Decathlon.

So, if you come across the post, don’t react. Also don’t like the page, because she is malicious. What you need to do is report it and inform as many people possible of the scam so that it does not take more scale.

“We have reported the malicious pages to the social networks concerned,” said Decathlon Belgium.

To note also that the pages “fakes” like that of “Decathlon Fans” only have a few hundred “likes”. This is what differentiates them from the real ones. Also for avoid getting scammedit is always necessary check the authenticity of the page.

Free plane ticket scam

In May, a scam similar to that of Decathlon fans made the rounds on social networks. A fake page “Ryanair France” posted a message that seemed too good to be true. Besides, he was not. It was a press release aimed at defrauding as many Internet users as possible.

“We’ve decided to celebrate our 50th anniversary by giving away 2 free tickets to anyone who types in ‘done’ before 6pm Tuesday,” the post read.

Plane ticket
Source: Pixabay

People who commented on the post were redirected to another page. They received the following message:

” Hello. Your voucher is being processed, you must first complete our validation process. To do this, simply click on the blue Register button located at the top of our page. Thank you for your participation. »

The blue button in question refers to the address “normandie.super-prizes.win”. A site where you can see the photo of a blurred Ryanair plane. You can also read a message encouraging you to enter personal data.

For information, the official Ryanair France Facebook page has more than 5 million of “likes”. While the one that was created with the aim of scamming had no more than 15,000. The latter also did not have the little blue check mark certifying the authenticity of an account.

Win a barbecue with Leroy Merlin

In June, a scam went viral on WhatsApp. Many users have received a message asking them to click on a link. And this, to hope to participate in a barbecue organized by the famous Leroy Merlin.

To register, the user must send the message to about ten of his contacts. This is what made the scam go viral so quickly. Note that those who clicked on the link were asked their credit card number. It was to be used to pay the delivery costs of 1 or 2 euros, but it was only a pretext.

Once the link has been clicked on, the personal data is retrieved by the pirate. In addition, one is automatically subscribed to a club which charges its members 44 euros per month.

Admittedly, this barbecue scam is fake, but be aware that some pages organize real contests. You must therefore recognize the real from the fake. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact directly the sign.

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