“Everything was silent…”: how Charles learned that his mother Elizabeth II was dying

"Everything was silent...": how Charles learned that his mother Elizabeth II was dying

True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat announced how King Charles III learned of Queen Elizabeth II’s death. There was a certain lack of regard according to the Mirror.

  • This is the show The Royal Beat of True Royalty TV who explained how King Charles III learned of the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II
  • King Charles III and his wife were at Dumfries House on September 8
  • He learned of his mother’s death shortly before the official announcement

The death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022 shook the world. This is all the more true for the members of the royal family whose King Charles III, son of the dead monarch at 96. Besides the fact that losing your mother is a feeling that no one can describeKing Charles III, 73, would have learned of the death of Her Majesty the Queen just a little before the official announcement. It’s on the show The Royal Beat of True Royalty TV that these revelations have been made, reports Mirror. According to this program, the facts took place on the day of the Queen’s death when the new Queen Consort Camilla was about to be interviewed by Jenna Bush Hager, the daughter of George Bush. It was then that an aide reportedly ran down the hallway outside.

Charles took a calleverything was silent, and they were asked to be quiet”, explained Jack Royston, the chief royal correspondent of Newsweek during the broadcast. In his impetus, Jack Royston also explained that thereafter, the former Prince of Wales and his wife are quickly boarded a helicopter towards Balmoral. This happened at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday September 8, the time when it was announced to the world that Queen Elizabeth II had died. “So they did not waitthey didn’t give Charles an hour or two before telling the public”, he added. “I see in Charles a bit of George V, a kind of father figure and avuncular of the nation. And it has benefited him, in his old age.” added Mr. Royston regarding the coronation of King Charles III.

Prince William is more open to Prince Harry

During this show, the guests also discussed the relationship between Princes William and Harry. Remember that during the procession of the Queen’s coffin on September 14, the royal brothers were seen walking side by side behind the coffin. “William and Kate realize that their position is a privilegethat they are honoured, that they are lucky… and that engendered in William a magnanimity towards his brother”, said historian Tessa Dunlop. “I think he was generous and fair of him toinvite Harry to join him and Kate during their walk in Windsor”, she added. For royal commentator Wesley Kerr, he says this is a good time for the Welsh and the Sussexes to make peace.

Only, Wesley Kerr admits that the contents of Prince Harry’s next book could change everything again. Note that the Prince and Princess of Wales, titles granted by King Charles III to Prince William and Kate Middleton, had taken some distance from the Sussexes, precisely because of this book. They were afraid that their conversations would end up in this book. The release of Prince Harry’s memoirs will therefore be decisive.

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