EUROBASKET – French team – Guerschon Yabusele, permanent progress: “It’s the European Charles Barkley”

EUROBASKET - French team - Guerschon Yabusele, permanent progress: "It's the European Charles Barkley"
But where will it stop? Months pass and Guerschon Yabusele seems stronger and stronger. As if nothing could stop its progress and its rise to power under the baskets of the Old Continent. This Euro thus sounds like a confirmation of his talent. And looks like a permanent show of the “Dancing Bear”, as it was nicknamed during its passage across the Atlantic. “Since the start of the tournament, he has been the most consistent player. What I remember is that he is progressing, especially in his activity“, appreciates Vincent Collet in remarks reported after the half by the site

Friday against Poland, Guerschon Yabusele imposed his law. 22 points at 75% shooting success with a nice 4 of 6 three-pointers but also 4 rebounds and 2 steals. All in 23 short minutes spent on the slats. A demonstration of power in the semi-finals of a European championship please. But that did not surprise those who follow the French team and European basketball. Author of 13 points in the final of the Olympic Games against Team USA last year for his first major international competition (6.3 pts average over the tournament), Guerschon Yabusele is not the style to hide when the oxygen is scarce .


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He has to move, post, drive…

This year in the absence of Nicolas Batum who played a lot in position 4 during the Tokyo Games, to say that we expected him with the Blues is a mild understatement. Having left for Real Madrid last summer, the native of Dreux has indeed exploded in the eyes of European basketball. He who had a frustrating experience in the NBA where he shone more in the G-League than with the Boston Celtics despite having been drafted in 2016 in 16th place (2.3 pts, 3 minutes on average in two years and 74 matches from 2017 to 2019) has become a benchmark on this side of the Atlantic. Because if he had already shone in China where he went twice (2016-2017 and 2019-2020), the 2021 French champion continued his good season with ASVEL. As if nothing could stop him now, after reviving.

Like a fish in water in one of the biggest clubs in Europe where he learned from his coach and his teammates, Yabusele became the number 1 option for the Merengue. And if he was frustrated in the Euroleague final after having carried Real in the semi-final against FC Barcelona (18 pts, 8 rebounds), he took a major part in the title of Spanish champion of the White House. And after the people of Madrid, it is therefore up to the Blues to revel in the impact and activity of their strong winger. “For me it’s the European Charles Barkleyeven launches Vincent Collet. I tell him from the beginning that I don’t want to see him just behind the three-point line, so that he can use all the qualities he has, and there are many of them. He has to move, he posts, he drives, and of course sometimes he finds himself behind the line“.

Guerschon Yabusele and Rudy Gobert during the semi-final of Euro 2022, France – Poland

Credit: Imago

I try to keep my feet on the ground

Clever from afar (13 out of 25 during this Euro, or 52%) but also powerful with his imposing physique (2.04 m, 123 kg), the former member of the Chorale de Roanne, who averaged 15 points during this Euro, can thus weigh all his weight in the tricolor game with his complete palette. Athletic but also endowed with an interesting basketball IQ as illustrated by his game without the ball, it is a key asset. And that’s not just the case on offense. “His activity is the central point, and on both sides of the field. In defence, he has always been efficient on the man but he has sometimes been a little less efficient in collective defense, and I find that he is advancing, that he is progressing.“, still savors his coach.

Praised by all observers, Guerschon Yabusele is therefore in constant progress. Both in club and in selection. At 26, it is therefore legitimate to wonder what player he will become at this rate. Rudy Gobert sees him returning “very soon to the NBA” given his new stature. The Madrilenian, who entered into discussions for the title of MVP of the Euro and who extended with the White House last January until 2025, remains on his side focus. “I try to keep my feet on the ground. And not to take the big headhe slipped on Canal + on Friday. I try to help my teammates in the best possible way whether it’s attacking or defending. I try to be everywhere to facilitate the work of my teammates“. The kind of speech that will only give a little more thickness to his increasingly enticing CV.


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