Ericka Bareigts calls Jean-Paul Virapoullé a manipulator

Ericka Bareigts traite Jean-Paul Virapoullé de manipulateur
Mr. Virapoullé, handling is a very nasty defect.

You seem to be confused, but knowing yourself, you are pretending and this is your manoeuvre, SAR, Regional Development Scheme and SRADDET, similar documents but with very different scope of application and scope.

As a reminder, you had committed to a megalomaniac port project in Bois Rouge, in which no one believed because of the maritime conditions. Seeing that the rules in force prevented you from doing so, you wanted to adapt these rules.

Talking about the SRADDET and the PADDUC of Corsica in the debate as you do is far from reality. As a reminder, the NOTRE law imposes a strategic planning document for space in France, whereas a document already existed in the Overseas Territories, the SAR and in Corsica, the PADDUC.

No longer being a parliamentarian, you wanted to impose, during the debates on the Real Equality Act Overseas, this SRADDET on Reunion. You announced that your former friend, then senator, Didier Robert was going to bring this amendment to the Senate (JIR of February 2, 2016). But the entire Senate, during the debate on the EROM bill, was able to note that it had above all shone by its silence. You then went into misouk but without more success by an elected representative from Guadeloupe and not from Reunion, because you knew that your request was not even heard by your political companions!

You wanted to replace the SAR with the SRADDET, for the sole reason that this document, less protective of Reunion land, would certainly have made it easier for agricultural land to be more easily allocated to lucrative real estate transactions. Perhaps this non-prescriptive land allocation document would have allowed you, with your former friend, also president of the Region, to better squander Reunionese land. This was what he hid under the fallacious slogan: Liberate the land of Reunion! Because it was to benefit especially large landowners.

Yes, the SAR and its revision require a cumbersome procedure. But yes, our Reunion land, rare and so precious, deserves this Herculean work, a reflection and an in-depth debate, to establish their best prescriptions for our common rules to protect, develop, create the city, build housing. But also preserve water, our agriculture, our exceptional biodiversity and our National Park that you have constantly questioned. The former President of the Region wanted to make our National Park a Regional Park and thus weaken the level of protection of our very fragile ecosystem. However, our nature is our common good, the heritage that we leave to future generations.

So yes, as Minister, I opposed your maneuver which aimed to degrade the level of protection of Reunionese land and we won this fight. And I’m proud of it for our children and great-grandchildren.

Water being one of these precious goods, your demonstration on the basis of examples of the mode of management of drinking water in the West Indies leaves me speechless when we know the difficulties of Saint-Andréennes families to have access to drinking water. quality. When you can be recognized as having a certain talent as a useful tribune in parliamentary contests, the result of your successive mandates at the head of Saint-André has demonstrated in many ways your shortcomings when it comes to the planning and development of our territory.

For this, I defend a Reunionese project, that of a French, European territory in the heart of the Indian Ocean, cooperating with its geographical environment.


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