Energy: refrigerator, television… which appliances consume the most in your home and how can you save money?

Energy: refrigerator, television... which appliances consume the most in your home and how can you save money?

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Several French energy-producing companies called on the French on Sunday to make “immediate” savings in their consumption. The Midi Dispatch takes stock of the most energy-consuming equipment in your homes and gives you some advice on how to best reduce your energy expenditure.

In French households, the next few months will undoubtedly be marked by vigilance and ingenuity. This Sunday, June 26, in a column published in the columns of JDDthe French leaders of TotalEnergies, EDF and Engie called on the French to “immediately” reduce their consumption fuel, oil, electricity and gas to deal with the risk of shortages and soaring prices. This injunction, Jean-François Carenco, President of the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE), had already formulated it last March: “We must save gas and electricity in France now, otherwise it could happen next winter,” he said.

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Saving energy in everyday life, yes! But how to do it ? The Midi Dispatch takes stock of the household appliances that consume the most energy in your home, and gives you some tips for reducing your consumption.

The fridge / freezer

It is undoubtedly the most energy-consuming household appliance in your home. According the Ecological Transition Agency (Ademe)a refrigerator / freezer consumes an average of 346 kilowatt hours (kWh): a figure that of course varies depending on the model, the brand… and the use you make of it.

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To reduce the consumption of your refrigerator, there are several tips.

Optimize your food layout : do not fill your refrigerator completely, it is necessary that the fresh air can circulate inside.

Keep it away from heat sources, avoiding placing it in direct sunlight. In summer, do not hesitate to move it away from the wall: this will allow the refrigerator condenser to be better ventilated. Also check regularly that the ventilation opening is not clogged with dust.

Adjust the temperature of your device correctly : do not lower the mercury below 4°C. Also, don’t leave the door open for too long! This leads to overconsumption of energy.

Finally, with regard to your freezer, remember to defrost it regularly.

The dryer and washing machine

These devices consume nearly 301 kilowatt hours per year on average. The dryer is particularly energy-intensive: several reflexes can be adopted to reduce its energy consumption.

The most obvious: when you can, in very hot weather, prefer to dry your laundry in the open air. If it is not possible, spin your laundry as much as possible before drying it, so that drying takes less time. Also consider do not overload these devices too much : they consume much more when they are filled to the brim! This also applies to your dishwasher…

Finally, according to Ademe, wash clothes at 30°C consumes three times less energy than at 90°C: favor washing at low temperature.


The small screen is power hungry! On average, it consumes 187 kilowatt hours per year. This figure is all the more important since television is particularly appreciated by the French, who watch it on average 3h30 each day. In practice, the energy consumption of your television depends on several parameters: its size, its definition, its frequency… To save money, the choice of your device before its purchase will therefore be essential.

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Other equipment, around your television, can increase the bill: decoders, video game consoles, DVD players… So many elements which, in “standby” mode, consume energy. When not in use, do not hesitate to unplug them completely : “Switching them off can save up to 10% of the electricity bill (excluding heating), but also preserve the equipment”, explains Ademe.

Other helpful tips!

Heat obliges, you will undoubtedly be tempted to use an air conditioning system to cool the interior of your home as well as possible. “This device consumes much more than you think, without necessarily offering the expected comfort. A class A mobile air conditioner with a power of 2.5 kW represents more than 130 € for 1 month of use and can consume up to 2 .5 times more than a fixed air conditioner and almost 30 times more than a fan!”, indicates Ademe. As far as possible, prefer fans !

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In winter, heating will take over your energy bills. It will then be a matter of demonstrating vigilance with regard to the room temperature of your home: “Lower the temperature of your heating byan average degree in housing during heating periods reduces the bill by 7%, concludes Ademe.

The top 10 appliances that consume the most in your home

The Midi Dispatch takes stock of the household appliances that consume the most energy in your home, according to a ranking carried out by the Ecological Transition Agency (Ademe).

  1. Combined fridge / freezer (346 kWh/year)
  2. Clothes dryer (301 kWh/year)
  3. Freezer (288kWh/year)
  4. Television (187 kWh/year)
  5. Refrigerator (166 kWh/year)
  6. Dishwasher (162kWh/year)
  7. Electric oven (146 kWh/year)
  8. Hobs (131 kWh/year)
  9. Fixed computer (123 kWh/year)
  10. Video game console (103 kWh/year)

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