Emmanuel Macron charmed by Letizia from Spain: this gesture of gallantry which did not go unnoticed

Emmanuel Macron charmed by Letizia from Spain: this gesture of gallantry which did not go unnoticed

This Tuesday, June 28 was held the opening dinner of the NATO summit, organized this year by Felipe VI and Letizia of Spain, in Madrid. On this occasion, Emmanuel Macron allowed himself a gesture of gallantry which did not go unnoticed.

The great international leaders gathered. This Tuesday, June 28, Felipe VI and Letizia from Spain received the various NATO member delegations for a gala dinner organized in the Hall of Columns of the Royal Palace in Madrid. Several heads of state and government were therefore present, such as Joe Biden accompanied by his wife Jill, Pedro Sanchez, Boris Johnson, or even Justin Trudeau. All lent themselves to the game of the photo shoot and the salute to the royal couple of Spain. This is also the case ofEmmanuel Macronwho also allowed himself a particularly noted gesture of gallantry.

The French president was accompanied by his wife, Brigitte Macron. When he presented himself to the royal couple, he first vigorously shook hands with Felipe VI, before advancing towards Letizia of Spain, grasping her hand and bending down for the traditional kisshand. A gesture carried out in the rules of the art because the French head of state took care to bow and barely brush the back of the outstretched hand. But the approach all the same seemed to surprise the Queen of Spain a little, since most of the other guests were confined to a simple handshake, like the American president.

Spain celebrates a very special anniversary

Once the photo sessions were over, all the guests joined the dinner table organized on the sidelines of the NATO summit. The event takes place this year at the Ifema exhibition center in Madrid, on Wednesday June 29 and Thursday June 30. A designated country because 2022 marks the 40th anniversary of Spain’s joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In addition to the 30 allied countries, four countries from Asia-Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea) have been invited, as well as four other member countries of the European Union and the heads of the European Commission and of the European Council.

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