Émilie (Married at first sight) in big financial trouble since she became known!

Mariés au premier regard

Émilie is unfortunately one of these candidates who have not found the ideal husband in “Married at First Sight”. Nevertheless, thanks to the show, she gained a lot of followers on Instagram. A community that allowed him to become an influencer. However, during a interviewshe revealed that this job does not allow him to live a stable life.

A love that turned into a nightmare

As its name suggests, “Married at First Sight” is A program which helps applicants find their other half. Two people, deemed compatible by experts, get married the first time they meet. There are those whose currents pass and stay married until the end of the show. But there are also those who end up divorcing. This is the case of Émilie and Frédérick.

Emily is here mother of a little girl named Lina from his previous relationship. The child’s father had left him when he learned that she was pregnant. Very disapointed, the young mother decided to sign up for the show to find love again. And it was Frédérick who was chosen.

In the eyes of the experts, the two candidates were made for each other. They had 84% compatibility, the highest of all candidates. At first, everything was going great between them. It didn’t last, unfortunately! In effect, the two candidates were torn over the episodes, and ended up getting divorced. But their story did not stop there, after the show, they continued to tackle each other on social networks.

She files a complaint against her ex-husband

“Married at First Sight” was a nightmare for Emilie. She does not have found the perfect husband, but still, the person who is supposed to be her husband has become her rival. The two candidates kept arguing on social networks. Frederick even released a song on which he tackles his ex-wife.

“At first it was euphoria and then a cold shower for both of us… […] I was promised the real connection, the one you’ve been waiting for for a long time. I was not told that I was going to hit rock bottom, we cannot fight with what we feel (…) I console myself by telling myself that I did not pay for this marriage, ”could be heard in the song he released on June 27.

In addition, Emily was harassed by her ex-husband’s followers. She received hate messages every day. Worse still, his father was slapped by a stranger in the street. And that, just because he was her father. Very touched by all these events, the young mother decided to file a complaint against Frédérick. To be continued.

All we can say is that life was not easy for the young candidate after his appearance on television. Even on the financial side, she encounters problems.

“I’m struggling to make ends meet”

This Sunday, September 4, the mother of the family was invited on the set of Jeremstar, on the occasion of the 16ᵉ episode of her show “Baby Story”. In this show, the Youtuber interviews influencers who are expecting a baby or who have children. During their interview, the reality TV candidate talked about the financial problems that she meets.

Wanting to know a little more about her income as an influencer, Jeremstar asked her if she now earns a better living than before. A question to which the pretty brunette answered with a negative. She said it’s the other way around,she earned a good living with her job beforewho is a real estate agent.

“There today with what I do in product placements I couldn’t even pay half my rent, I’m having trouble making ends meet, I have a little help from CAF, but it does not exceed 250 euros per month, it is not with that that you will be able to feed your child, dress him and go out, ”she explained.

Also during this interview, the candidate tackled the production of “Married at first sight”. She stated that she did not consider the husband criterion she was looking for. The young woman wanted a nice man and she was given Frédérick. A man who, according to her, simply wanted make tv and not looking for a wife.

“You didn’t check at all if this guy was serious or not,” she tackled.

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