Electro deposit hits hard with the Valberg dishwasher at an unbeatable price!

Électro dépôt

While the summer holidays have come to an end and the start of the new school year has made a comeback, some are taking advantage of this period to make new purchases. Electro depot also offers the Valberg dishwasher at an unbeatable price.

The dishwasher more economical than washing by hand

If September is synonymous with back to school for many people, for others it’s a chance for a bit of a change. Some French people are taking advantage of this new school year to make new purchases.

And for good reason, many moves take place during this period. The opportunity therefore to redo its interior or to make good plans by buying products that clearly facilitate the daily.

Électro Dépôt has also thought of those who need a little change in their daily life. The brand has decided to make their life easier, in particular with a dishwasher.

And for good reason, doing the dishes is clearly not not the favorite task of the French. In addition, doing the dishes by hand consumes a lot of water. In any case, this is what the media kelwatt said.

He revealed: In contrary According to popular belief, the dishwasher is more economical and ecological than washing by hand. The water consumption of the dishwasher is in average of 10 liters per cycle.

Before adding: “The one by hand is 40 to 60 liters. Not to mention the electricity consumption linked to the heating of the water. The latter turns out to be much more important in view of the extended washing time ».

Electro deposit
Screenshot 20 minutes

Electro-deposit undermines competition

Buying a dishwasher will therefore allow you to do good for the planet but also for your wallet. In this period of drought, Électro Dépôt has also proposed a compact model under the Valberg brand.

Electro depot offered its customers the dishwasher below from 200 euros. The latter has two possible finishes that adapt to different types of kitchen.

And the least we can say is that the sign hit very hard. And for good reason, its price is unbeatable. As our colleagues from 20 minutes point out, this dishwasher is cheaper than the competition.

Boulanger sells this product at 229 euros, Conforama at 269.99 euros. While Goal displays it at a price of 299 euros. For its part, Électro Dépôt has thought of the French who have a very limited budget because of inflation.

To allow them to save money, the brand offers the Valberg model at only 199.98 euros. Available in white or silver, it has the capacity of 6 place settings. But that’s not all.

This product sold by Electro Depot has the capacity of a large dishwasher. Its safety system prevents any overflow of water. Rated F, it also has a delayed start up to 24 hours and 6 programs.

A model with many promises

Like all other models, this product sold by Electro depot requires a water drain, a grounded electrical outlet. But also a water supply.

According to our colleagues from 20 minutes, it fits perfectly in small apartments. Indeed, it is not necessary to have a villa to take full advantage of this product which will change your life.

The media also revealed about the dishwasher sold by Electro Depot: “Its operation is very simple. Just use one of the 3 buttons under the screen displaying the end time of the activated program ».

“One serves for the choice of the program. The second to activate the delayed start. And the last allows you to launch the desired cycle. The washing pod takes place in the back of the door as on most large capacity dishwashers.

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