Electricity, water, telephone… these 9 little-known helpers to pay your bills!


Inflation has completely turned the lives of the French people upside down. Invoices are increasingly difficult to manage. In such situations, all help is welcome to relieve his wallet a little. There are, therefore, aids with which you can pay your bills. They are 9 in number. Discover them in this article.

Inflation: 60% of French people in difficulty

Inflation affects French households since the beginning of 2022. The French observatory economic conditions (OFCE), in a study published in March, speaks of 60% of households. Prices have continued to rise ever since and hurt consumers’ wallets.

This is not likely to get better anytime soon since winter is approaching. Indeed, the use of electricity and heating will increase. Many dread increase in their bill. Remember that in 2019, the average expenditure of French people on heating was 1696 euros.

So they could warm up to 20°C. This was revealed by the figures of the company specializing in energy renovation, Effy. Fuel oil leads the pack most expensive with an average annual amount of 1913 euros.

In any case, this was revealed by Better Living Your Money. Electricity is in second place with 1802 euros/year. The gas follows him with 1446 euros/year. However, the expenses are lower for fireplaces that are heated with wood. In fact, they only pay 759 euros per year.

Increase in bills and aid

France is currently in a context of inflation and energy crisis. Cope with winter in this context is not going to be easy. In addition, among the 56 reactors in the EDF fleet, 36 are not in operation to date.

Xavier Piechaczyk, Chairman of the Board of RTE (Electric Transport Network) has a solution to avoid cuts this winter. According to him, there should be a 15% drop in consumption during peak hours. For their part, French households are worried about another subject.

They wonder how pay the bills. Indeed, they fear an increase in water, electricity, telephone or internet bills. However, households will be able to cope with it thanks to several aids.

To be more precise, there are 9 of them:

Housing assistance

These are aids such as APL, ALS and ALF.

The Social Fund for Housing (FSL)

This aid is intended to help tenants pay unpaid rent.

Visa guarantee

This is a guarantee device Visale guarantees up to 36 months of unpaid for eligible tenants.

Discount on the monthly telephone subscription

It is for users of the orange operator. Provided that they touch social minima like the RSA, the AAH or the ASS.

Telephone social discount

This is a help allowing social minima recipients to benefit from a fixed telephone line.

The water check

This assistance could take two forms. One is preventative aid. It makes it possible to lower the amount of the invoice if it results in the payment of a water check.

The other is a decreasing rate to benefit from a 1st tranche of water consumption free of charge. This consumption is calculated according to household income and composition.

Help for wireless broadband access

It is an automatic financial support that your access provider takes into account. It is for those who live in areas without fiber optics.


This allows the suspension of the non-payment procedure. Which at the same time makes it possible to suspend the cut or the reduction of energy if there is an unpaid invoice.

The energy check

It is aid amounting to between 48 and 277 euros. It is paid subject to income conditions.

Help with paying taxes

It has been said that all aid is welcome to relieve the wallets given the context of inflation. In fact, you may experience financial difficulty and have difficulty paying your taxes.

That said, be aware that it is possible to obtain a free partial or total discount of the amount you owe. Whether in the context of income taxes or the contribution to public broadcasting.

But still an exemption from its housing tax, its property taxes or penalties and default interest. You just have to justify your financial difficulties.

The request for a free discount can be made online in your personal space. Or directly at the counter in a tax center or by post. If the latter option is chosen, you must complete and return the form dedicated.

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