Electricity: these 10 departments will be deprived of energy in the event of a shortage this winter!


Is France in danger of running out of electricity this winter? On Wednesday, September 14, the manager of the transport network of electricity RTE has issued highly anticipated consumption forecasts for the period from October 15 to April 15, 2023. The big risk for security of supply looms in the fall. In an unprecedented context characterized by panic in energy prices, tensions over gas supply linked to the current situation of our eastern neighbours.

But also a record unavailability of the nuclear fleet. As a result, the chairman of the board of directors of RTE, Xavier Piechaczyk, placed the network in ” vigilance reinforced“. A level never reached until now. Thus, it does not exclude the use of temporary power cuts, called ” load shedding“, in certain individuals or companies. Some departments are at risk of cuts electricity earlier than others. We tell you everything!

Energy sobriety

Qualified as ” energy peninsulas“, in France, several departments are more sensitive to power cuts than others. In the event of rotary load shedding, they are the most exposed areas. There ” energy sobriety advocated by Emmanuel Macron be enough to compensate for the lack of electricity this winter? While 32 of EDF’s 56 nuclear reactors are subject to cuts, according to France Info. As a result, the question of supplying the electricity network seems to be becoming increasingly worrying.

With regard to excessive demands, RTE (the public electricity transmission network) indicates to Ouest-France that it can lessen by 5% the voltage of the entire network. The consequences will be almost imperceptible changes for individuals, but great for the manager. With this discount, RTE will be able to save up to the equivalent in electricity of several nuclear reactors. Xavier Piechaczyk, the director of RTE, for his part, considered that it would be necessary that “ French consumption drops by 15% during the most tense hours “. The director confirmed this, in the columns of Echoes, indicating that these measures had to take place in order to be able to face the winter serenely.

Rotating load shedding device to conserve electricity

If that is still not enough, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne does not rule out the scenario of ” rotating load shedding“. According to France Inter, it consists of making temporary cuts to the electrical network. Indeed, cuts of two hours maximum, and on specific time slots indicated in advance.

This device will take place where it is the most efficient for the network and maintaining system power supply and in such a way as to reach the lowest priority users “, specified the ministry of Energetic transition. And this, as reported France Info.

The departments affected by the power cuts?

On the other hand, some regions of France can be considered as veritable energy peninsulas: “ They are less interconnected to the network and have almost no means of production explains Clément Le Roy, a partner in charge of energy at Wavestone. They therefore remain more exposed to the risk of power cuts. To find out if you can find yourself in this situation, here is a list of the departments that are at risk of suffering cuts of current in priorityaccording to France Info.

According to France Info, ten departments are at risk of power cuts before the others. Indeed, the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, the Hautes-Alpes and the Alpes-Maritimes constitute real peninsulas energy. Then, Bouches-du-Rhone, Var and Vaucluse risk getting cuts first. The departments of Cotes d’Armor and Finistère will undoubtedly suffer shortages this winter. And finally, Ille-et-Vilaine and Morbihan become the last departments on the listing.

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