€209 for a stay with a visit to the Harry Potter studios

€209 for a stay with a visit to the Harry Potter studios


Buckingham Palace

As you might suspect, it is not possible to visit the royal palace year-round, the Queen of England living in Buckingham Palace. It is only in August and September that it is possible to enter the most famous of English palaces. What attracts tourists from all over the world in front of this place is the very famous Changing of the Guard which takes place every day at 11 a.m. (the ceremony is at 10:45 a.m.). It is strongly advised to arrive in advance to be well placed.

Big Ben & Westminster

These are surely the two most famous landmarks in London and are only a few meters apart. Big Ben’s clock is world renowned, impossible to stay in London without seeing her. It is impossible to visit Westminster, the seat of the British parliament, but on the other hand, Westminster Abbey is accessible to everyone. It is in this place that all the english sovereignsincluding Elizabeth II.



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  • Stay in a standard double room
  • Breakfast
  • Transport from the city of your choice
  • Perfectly located between the Thames and Westminster

London Tower

It should rather be called London Castle, indeed the Tower of London is a castle. She was Royal residence, prison or arsenal, the London Tower is an emblematic place in London’s history. The Tower of London is also home to the crown jewels : priceless scepters, swords and crowns.


If you like museums, London is the ideal destination : national museums are free. You will then have the opportunity to visit the British Museum to discover a collection of more than 7 million historical objects, the National Gallery to admire paintings from 1250 to 1900, the Tate Modern which houses a magnificent collection of modern and contemporary art , and the Victoria & Albert Museum which is the largest museum in the world of applied and decorative arts and design with more than 2 million objects.

  • Stay in a double room
  • Transport from the city of your choice
  • The hotel is 5 minutes from the British Museum

The parks

After a visit to a museum or monument, it is pleasant to recharge your batteries in the green and London has many parks. The biggest of them is Hyde Park, one of the 9 royal parks of the English capital, with more than 140 hectares. It is also a place of cultural events, you may have the chance to attend a concert in this magnificent setting.

Cambridge Town

Shopaholics and window shoppers will love the very trendy Camdem Town. The area is famous for its market, fashion boutiques and Regent’s Canal. The good plan is to unearth a few objects at the flea market in the morning, to test one of the many food-trucks at lunchtime and then to land on the edge of Regent’s Canal.

  • Stay in a double room
  • Transport from the city of your choice
  • Ideally placed for those taking the Eurostar


How about a life-size immersion in the magic universe of the wizard imagined by JK Rowling? Located in North London, the Harry Potter Studios have hosted since 2012 million visitors and are waiting for you. Fans of the saga will be able to embody their favorite characters by doing one of the many activities: riding a magic broomstick, taking a wand lesson or dressing up as a sorcerer’s apprentice. This is an opportunity to discover the behind the scenes of films and the secrets of the setscostumes and special effects:

  • The famous platform 9 3/4
  • The Great Hall where Harry Potter knew his home
  • Dumbledore’s office
  • Gryffindor dormitory
  • Hagrid’s Hut
  • The legendary Hogwarts Express
  • The potion room
  • Diagon Alley where the famous magic shops are located
  • Enter the Forbidden Forest
  • Gringott’s Bank
  • Shooting Quidditch scenes
  • Secrets of the Invisibility Cloak
  • Huge scale model of Hogwarts for exterior shots
  • And much more …
  • Stay in a superior room with Queen bed
  • Breakfast
  • Transport from the city of your choice
  • A stone’s throw from the legendary Wembley Stadium
  • Stay in a double room
  • Transport from the city of your choice
  • Ideal location for visiting London

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