DIRECT. PSG – Juventus: video goals, scores … The video summary

DIRECT.  PSG - Juventus: video goals, scores ... The video summary

DIRECT.  PSG - Juventus: video goals, scores ... The video summary

PSG-Juventus. Despite a successful first period, the PSG players struggled to conclude the match for this first day of the Champions League on Tuesday, September 7. The summary

11:45 – Four arrests on the sidelines of PSG – Juventus

The Paris Police Prefecture announced on Wednesday September 7 that four people were arrested on Tuesday evening for public provocation to “racial hatred”. “Four individuals were identified by video and then arrested last night by the police for public incitement to racial hatred within the framework of a sports arena, during the football match. An investigation is open.”

11:15 – Marquinhos’ reaction to “sailing”

Asked on the sidelines of this PSG – Juventus, Captain Marquinhos also returned to the controversial remarks. “The controversy over air travel? The club is discussing, let those who take care of it do it. We don’t have to worry, if it’s for the good of ecology, we already have took the train, in Japan, in selection too. If it’s better for the planet, we’ll do it.”

10:50 – Mbappé: “We know we have some shortcomings”

“There is a small difference between the first 35 minutes and the second half. We know that we have some shortcomings. My failure on the 3-0? I missed a lot of goals in my life, I’m going to score a lot and miss a lot. These are facts of the game. It’s not by missing that you penalize your team, it’s by thinking about the failures. We have things to work on, it’s normal, it’s is here Champions League. If it was easy we would have already won it” explained the Frenchman after this PSG – Juventus.

10:20 – Vitinha: “We have to improve”

“It’s only the beginning, we have to improve. We also saw that we did some good things. In the second half, we should have controlled the game better, but that’s okay, he doesn’t shouldn’t give too much importance to that. It’s up to us to work to make better second periods” explained the midfielder, uncertain before the start of this PSG – Juventus.

09:54 – Neymar also at 8/10

The Brazilian, always very restless and author of a magnificent decisive pass, also harvests an 8/10 for this PSG – Juventus from L’Equipe.

09:37 – Rabiot: “A difficult first period”

“We had a difficult first half, especially the first 20 minutes, we watched them play. We have regrets because we conceded two goals quickly and that changed the game. In the second half we showed a different face. A bit bitter because we didn’t give up, we tried to come back and we could have put them in more difficulty” analyzed Adrien Rabiot after this PSG – Juventus.

09:22 – An 8/10 for Mbappé

After his good performance, especially in the first half with a double before a miss in the second half while Neymar was alone, the Frenchman got the best score from our colleagues at L’Equipe with an 8/10.

09:12 – Galtier’s mea culpa on video

Asked in the mixed zone about his controversial reaction to the movement of PSG, the French coach made his mea culpa.

09:00 – “Relief” for Galtier

“There is relief. From the moment the third goal is not in our favour… They are a strong team in the penalty area. We had a very good first half. From the moment we took this goal, we are suffering. It is always difficult to change the course of history, PSG had never beaten Juventus. Winning in suffering, it allows the team to grow “explained Christophe Galtier after PSG’s victory over Juventus.

08:51 – Allegri’s reaction

“We had a good match, but there is a little bitterness at not having achieved a result. At the end, we should have been a little more lucid. It’s a lost opportunity. We have to progress. We know that “We have progress to make, we’re working on it. We’re also still waiting for a few players to come back (from injury, editor’s note). We suffered, but the speed they have, no one else has. When you play against these types of teams, the difficulty is when you don’t have the ball… We fell asleep a bit in the first half but we had more character in the second half and McKennie gave us brought legs and strength” explained the Italian technician after the meeting.

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