Direct. Charleville-Mézières: the large crowd for the opening of the Cabaret vert, while waiting for Stromae

Direct.  Charleville-Mézières: the large crowd for the opening of the Cabaret vert, while waiting for Stromae

Let’s go for the Cabaret vert, 2022 edition. As soon as the gates opened, it was a hell of a human tide that invaded the Bayard plain.

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In front of the Zanzibar stage:

In front of the Zanzibar stage, they are ready for the Stromae concert… five hours before the start of the show. Lalie and Noa are posted closer to the stage. They are forever the first, for their first “star” concert, of which they want to keep an indelible memory.


Here we go !

It’s 6 p.m., the beasts are unleashed: Cabaret 2022 is open!


The final preparations on the Bayard plain:

The Sanglichons are going to find “their Cabaret”. In the meantime, the volunteers are busy and the technicians are testing the sound.

For their part, behind the gates, the festival-goers were already unleashed long before the top.

On the campsite side:

From noon, campers lined up in front of the Dormeur du Val, ready to settle down there to five days of bamboche.

The festival has not yet opened its doors, but some have already started the party!

In the surrounding shops, it’s time for the last purchases:

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And on the stage?

The doors of this exceptional edition, filled with novelties, will open at 6 p.m. sharp. With a highly anticipated star for this first evening: Stromae.

For further :

Find the portraits that we devote to festival-goers, who tell us about “their” Cabaret. On the menu of the first episode, Jade, the extrovert.

We don’t forget the volunteers either, and one of them will be introduced to you every day! The first to stick to it is Nicholas Luczkahead of the electrical team.

So much for this live of the first day, which we close before the Stromae concert, so you will be able to find images on our site in the evening! We look forward to seeing you this Thursday, August 18 for a new day of Cabaret.

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