Diam’s indoctrinated by her ex-husband? She confides in her discreet conversion to Mauritius

Diam's indoctrinated by her ex-husband?  She confides in her discreet conversion to Mauritius

Invited from Sept to 8 on June 27, Diam’s returned in detail to the story of her conversion, and the journey that led her to Islam. A revelation that the ex-rapper would have had in Mauritius.

Since her appearance at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, where she came to present her film Hello, Diam’s never stops spilling ink. The ex-rapper converted to Islam had disappeared from the radar in 2012after releasing his autobiography and immediately announcing his retirement in seven to eight on TF1. Back on the show on June 26, the former star returned to her new life and how she converted. “I don’t speak on behalf of others, I speak on my behalf“, first announces the Cypriot. The latter is indeed the subject of controversy and is criticized for her veil and her life choices.

Facing the camera, the former singer speaks. When asked if Diam’s, his alter-ego and stage name, is “dead“, Mélanie of her real first name, answers in the negative: “For me Diam’s it was really a step in my life. It’s something that is there, that has existed in addition to the eyes of millions of people…“, explains the young woman, who prefers to say that she is “become again” herself. An “awakening” occurred after his suicide attempt. Coming out of a great depression, “a labyrinth, an inner void“, Diam’s has a revelation when one day, when she is with the singer Vitaa, she accompanies a friend named Sousou in her prayer. “I have my forehead resting on the ground and at that moment i am convinced that i am where i need to be to be able to talk to my lord“, she remembers. Moved, she says to herself: “felt listened to“. A click that pushes her to wonder. Ten days later, Mélanie – alias Diam’s -, takes the Koran in her luggage to Mauritius. “I just think about talking to God“, underlines the one who was raised in Christianity. Through meditation, she seems to rediscover the world: “It’s true that it was a change in my lifeto start looking at what is around me, and to finally say to myself ‘I am part of a whole’“.

Diam’s looks back on her conversion: “I’m not just a veil, I’m a woman”

The mother of the family would then have “make the link“between what she observed”and the creator of it all“, she explains. During the stay, she converts to Islam on a beach. The latter then calls her mother, to reassure her and tell her what state of mind she is in. At this moment, she decides to write her last album. Faith will have given new meaning to his life: “To be a believer is to realize the value of this life. […] I am not on this Earth for nothing, I have lots of beautiful things to do“, she details, adding: “Doing only good is perhaps the greatest challenge of my life“. As to sailMélanie wants to clarify things: “It was made the central axis of my life, while the central axis of my life was to have faith“. Her husband’s indoctrination?”Lies. Me when I convert to Mauritius I am a single woman“, she assures. She deplores the instrumentalization of veiled women: “I am not just a veil, I am a woman […] I find it unfair“. And if she refuses to define herself as a feminist singer, the interpreter of “By love” would like to remind: “I have always been in solidarity with women who suffer […] that I be veiled, not veiled“.

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